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That is the correct spelling of "laid" (an egg, or a new floor).

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Q: How do you spell laid to lay an egg?
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What is the past tense of lay?

The past tense of lay can be laid, or just lay. For example, yesterday the hen laid an egg. However, we do not say that we "laid on the bed", but that we "lay on the bed".The present perfect tense can be "has lain" or "has laid", e.g. "He has lain on that couch, doing nothing, for days" or "Your pet hen has laid an egg on the couch".

Do parakeet lay eggs in winter?

Yes, they can. My birds laid an egg in the winter.

How do you spell I laid the carpet?

That is the corect spelling, "I laid the carpet." Here, laid is the past tense of to lay meaning to put it down on the floor.

Which bird lay worlds's smallest egg?

The smallest normal egg is laid by one of the hummingbirds - some say the vervain. Other birds will on occasion lay a freak egg that is smaller.

My hen laid her life's 1st egg yesterdayAgain when she will lay her 2nd egg?

It all depends on the hen herself.

If a rooster laid an egg on a slanting tin roof which way does the egg role?

Roosters don't lay eggs.

Can a male cockateil lay eggs?

No, only female birds lay eggs. If your cockatiel laid an egg, it's a girl!

How many eggs do the emperor and the king penguin lay?

One egg is laid.

What is the meaning of laid an egg?

The phrase "laid an egg" is a figurative expression that means to fail or perform poorly in a particular situation or task. It is often used in sports or entertainment contexts to describe a disappointing performance or result.

Is the past tense of lay - laid or laid?

The past tense of "lay" is "laid."

How do you spell laid down?

That is the correct spelling of "laid down" (verb to lay, transitive verb).The past tense of lie (lie down) would be lay down(verb to lie, intransitive verb).

Are eggs laid by all female animals?

In animals that lay eggs, yes, the female is the egg-layer.