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The Spanish word for order is "Ordenar" however this is not always the correct word to use since Ordenar also means "to ordain".

When one orders something at a restaurant in Spanish, one is asking for something rather than ordering it so the Spanish word Pedir (to ask for, or to request) is a better choice.

There is also the matter of the correct conjugation. Who is ordering whom to do what?

Below are a few of the most common uses:

I [he/she/it] was ordered [to sit] - Fuí [fué] ordenado(ordenada - female)

They were ordered - Fueron ordenados

I ordered him/her/it/them [to sit] - Le ordené

He/She/It ordered him/her/it/them [to sit] Le/Les ordenó

They ordered him/her/it/them [to sit] Le/Les ordenaron

I ordered [something - like a drink at a restaurant] - Pedí (I asked for)

He/she/it ordered [something] Pidió

They ordered [something] Pidieron

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Q: How do you spell ordered on spanish?
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