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The correct spelling is "orthodontist."

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Q: How do you spell orthodontist?
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How do you spell orthadontis?

The correct spelling is orthodontist.

What is the plural of orthodontist?

"Orthodontists" is the plural of orthodontist.

How much is an orthodontist's salary?

An orthodontist's salray is $77,000.

What is a specialist that straightens teeth called?


Where are braces made?

factorys for orthodontist factorys for orthodontist

Do you need to see a specialist dentists to get invisalign?

You need an orthodontist. An Orthodontist is someone who specializes in braces. Your orthodontist may be able to give you invisalign or they may send you to an Orthodontist who can.

Do the orthodonist but braces on?

Actually No, The Orthodontist assistant does. The Orthodontist just tells them what needs to be done. The Orthodontist assisant does most of the work. But the Orthodontist has to know what he is doing in order to tell the assistants what to do.

What do you need to do to to prepare to be a orthodontist?

What do i need to do to prepare for being a orthodontist?

What colleg requirements should be included to become an Orthodontist?

Premed degree, Medical Degree, Dental Specialty, Orthodontic Residency You should also know how to spell 'college'

What is a sentence for the word orthodontist?

An orthodontist can treat many problems that people have with their teeth.

What o.p do you need for an orthodontist?

You need an O.P 25 to become an orthodontist.... ROD!

What part of body does your orthodontist look after?

your teeth.(like mine) when you have braces you need an orthodontist.