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Q: How do you spell riley in Irish?
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How do you spell 'riley my son my life' in Irish Gaelic?

It would be 'Riley, mo mhac, mo chuid den tsaol'.

Where did the name riley originate?

Riley is an Irish name.

How do you spell riley in Hebrew?

Riley = ראילי

What is the correct spelling for riley?

the correct way to spell Riley is Rilee

Irish baby names?

Girl Irish names-Keira, Riley,Adara.. Boy Irish names- Killian, Ryan, Connor

What country does the name Riley come from?

Riley is an Irish name from IrelandRiley is an Irish spelling of the English name Reilly. Alternate spelling is Ryley. In Old English it means rye clearing.

Is Dylan riley snyder Irish?

I know he is mexican. he might be Irish :) Not positive. But i know he is mexican *Sierra*

How do the Irish spell their last name Wolf do they spell it Wolff or Wolfe how do they spell it?

Woulfe, Wolfe (In Irish: de Bhulbh)

How do you spell history in Irish?

the Irish for history is stair

How do you spell phelim in Irish?

It is spelled Féilim in Irish.

What is the Gaelic for 'Riley'?

In Irish it's Ó Raghallaigh / Ó Raghailligh

What is the Hebrew word for Riley?

There is no Hebrew word for Riley. Riley is an Irish name, which comes fromthe given name Raghailleach, meaning unknown.