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How do you spell schizophrenic?


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That is how you spell it.


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How do u spell phyizafrenic

Schizophrenic suffers from Schizophrenia

Schizophrenic, as in a kind of mental disorder.

The correct spelling of the psychiatric term is schizophrenic.

The psychological condition is schizophrenia (sometimes called split personality) and the individual is a schizophrenic.

Somebody who is schizophrenic may have difficulty telling the difference between what is real and what isn't.

Research shows that the chances of becoming a schizophrenic are: With 1 parent schizophrenic: 13.9% With both parents schizophrenic: 46.3% With an identical twin schizophrenic: 47.4% With a normal twin schizophrenic: 15% With a brother/sister schizophrenic: 10.5% With an aunt/uncle schizophrenic: 3.6% With a grandmother/grandfather schizophrenic: 3.5% With a cousin schizophrenic: 3.5%

No, she was not schizophrenic.

schizophrenicinsane (vs. sane)schizoid, schizophrenic

You cannot make yourself schizophrenic. This is a neurological disorder and the only way to make yourself schizophrenic is by tampering with the neurons in your mind.

yes it was. they did a docomentry on T.V One and they (doctors) have proven him schizophrenic.

No he was not. Though he saw everything as sexual, he was not schizophrenic. Just did cocaine.

Vampires are not real, so there is no such thing as a schizophrenic vampire.

Actually, a few sources, including his very daughter, apparently say that he was schizophrenic. Yes

They take you to a psychiatrist, who is a kind person, who can understand you and know for himself if one is really schizophrenic.

A schizophrenic episode can last anywhere from several weeks to several years.

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Schizophrenic - JC Chasez album - was created in 2002.

Yes Sasuke is known to be a paranoid schizophrenic in fan fiction stories written about him. In the Naruto series however he is not.

Usually people who are schizophrenic do not thick there is something wrong, because they think the delusions and hallucinations they experience are real. Once the individual is medicated they are usually able to tell that they have a problem without medication.

Schizophrenic hallucinations can be either. However, most schizophrenics report predominantly or entirely auditory hallucinations.

Schizophrenic - Wayne Wonder album - was created on 2001-09-11.

The cast of The Adventures of Schizophrenic Bill - 2004 includes: Ben Bruening as Talk Show Host Scott Kirkpatrick as Schizophrenic Bill Kevin Martt as The Janitor

David Shakow has written: 'Adaptation in schizophrenia' -- subject(s): Psychological Adaptation, Schizophrenia, Schizophrenic Psychology, Set (Psychology), Schizophrenic psychology 'The nature of deterioration in schizophrenic conditions' -- subject(s): Dementia

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