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How do you spell sheriff?

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The same way it was spelled in the question; sheriff.

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The noun sheriff is different because?

There is a tendency to spell 'sheriff' with a double 'r' rather than a double 'f'.

How do you spell depoti?

I wonder if you mean deputy. I shot the Sheriff but I did not shoot the Deputy.

Who was robin hoods rival?

Or if your prefer to use the convenient spell checker above your answer might be... The Sheriff of Nottingham

What is the name of the sheriff in Robin Hood on BBC?

his name is Vasey but i don't know how to spell it. Robin or the Sheriff says it in Season 2 Episode 4 "The Angel of Death". One of them says it when Robin is forcing the Sheriff to tell the people that the "pestilence" was really poison.

How do you spell sherriffs?

More than one sheriff would be sheriffs. The possessive is sheriff's (gun, badge, etc.).

What does sheriff mean in Spanish?

in spanish sheriff=sheriff haha

What does the sheriff do in the book Where the Red Fern Grows?

The Sheriff is a Sheriff

Who is the sheriff of graal online classic?

The Sheriff of Graal is Sheriff Zach. He was made Sheriff by the Creator himself.

Is a woman sheriff called a sheriff matron?

She would just be called Sheriff

Shall you use Honorable in the salutation for a Sheriff?

Yes, if the Sheriff is elected. No, if the Sheriff is appointed

What do you call the main sheriff?

Sheriff--------------Additional: (in the US) the Office of Sheriff is established in the state constitution and there is only one Sheriff per jurisdiction (usually a county, altho some large cities also have a Sheriff). There is only one Sheriff, and his correct title is SHERIFF. All other employees of the Sheriff's Department, regardless of their rank or title, is a DEPUTY Sheriff.

What does a sheriff do?

The Sheriff is the chief of law enforcement for a county The Sheriff is the chief of law enforcement for a county

What is a sentence for sheriff?

Robin Hood evaded the sheriff yet again.The sheriff is here. He wants his wife's underwear back.The sheriff is on his way, madam.

What is the sentence of the word sheriff?

Our sheriff is right here.

What is a sheriff called that does duties of other officials?

A Sheriff.

Who can ARREST sheRiff?

Any police officer or sheriff.

Who has higher authority sheriff or city police?


What rhymes with tariff?

serif, sheriff, deputy sheriff

What is the duration of The Sheriff?

The duration of The Sheriff is 1080.0 seconds.

What is the plural form of sheriff?

The plural of sheriff is sheriffs.

When does coroner become sheriff?

Coroner will become sheriff when the sheriff dies or is arrested or relieved of his/her duty for what ever reason.

Who is the sheriff in To Kill a Mockingbird?

Heck Tate was the sheriff.Heck Tate is the local sheriff, in the novel,"To Kill a Mockingbird"

Who is sheriff of Texas?

Sheriff is an office at the county level, not at the state level. Texas doesn't have a sheriff, but each of its counties does.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Sheriff - 1911?

The cast of The Sheriff - 1911 includes: James Gordon as The Sheriff

What actors and actresses appeared in The Sheriff - 1913?

The cast of The Sheriff - 1913 includes: Edgar Lewis as The Sheriff