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Στρατιώτης, (stra-tee-òtis), is the ancient and the modern term as well.

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Q: How do you spell spartan in ancient greek?
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Does the word spartan come from a greek myth?

Spartan comes from the Greek ancient city of Sparta. It means ''fertilised land''.

Where can you see Sparta in Ancient Greek map?

go to google images and search ancient greek spartan map

What was the ancient Greek Spartan dance of weapons called?

The pyrrhike.

Were spartan males better off than greek males in ancient greek?

Sparta is in Greece, so they were technically Greek males as well as Spartan males- they are the same!

How do you spell ancient greek with the correct capitilization?

Ancient Greek

What is an ancient greek word meaning plain and simple?


What sports did ancient Greek spartan women play?

Spartan women - or rather: Spartan adolescent women - participated on an equal footing with Spartan boys in the so-called Gymnopaedia, a festifal where they displayed athletic as well as martial arts, and dancing. Ancient Greek sports were running, swimming, the long jump, discus and javelin throwing.

How do you spell spartan?


Ancient Greek words that start with x?

There is no letter A in the Greek language or the ancient Greek language.

How do you spell love in ancient greek?

Ἔρως (éros) is the ancient Greek term for love.

How do you spell archmeideies?

That ancient Greek was Archimedes.

How do you spell Leonidas in ancient greek?