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Tennis in German is Tennis.

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Q: How do you spell tennis in German language?
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How do you spell German in their own language?

It is spelled Deutsch in German.

How do you spell John in German language?

John in German is John

How do you spell language in German?

Sprache is the translation in German. It is translated from English to German. German is mostly spoken in the European countries. It means language.

How do you spell Austria in the German language?

Austria = Österreich

How do you spell laungugage?

As in English or German or Spanish? Language

How do you spell German?

The German language = die deutsche Sprache The German man = der Deutsche The German woman = die Deutsche

How do you spell Lucerne Switzerland in the German language?

Luzern in der Schweiz.

How do you spell sports in different language?

English, French, German, Romanian: sport

How do you spell the name James in Austrian?

There is no such language as "Austrian" but if you mean German, the name James is spelled "Jakob" in German.

How do you spell tennis shoes?

Tennis Shoes

How do you spell Mackenzie?

Mackenzie. This is the Irish form ,not German ,Italian or any type of language.

How do you spell 'Happy Valentine's Day' in the German language?

In the German laguage, "Froher Valentinstag" means "Happy Valentine's Day".

How do you spell Deutch?

The correct spelling for the word meaning German in the German language is Deutsch.BUT, in some cases, it is spelled Deutsche.

What are all the ways to spell Morgan?

Morgen is another way to spell it. Interesting tidbit, in the German language 'morgen' means 'morning'

How do you spell beautiful in germany?

schön is the translation in German. German is the first language of about 95 million people worldwide. German is mostly spoken in the European countries.

How do you spell white supremacist in the German language?

der Kriminelle--white supremacy is ILLEGAL in Germany!

What language are the spells in Buffy said in?

Alot of them aren't in a real language it is made up. some are latin and the spell in gingerbread is in german.

When was German Open Tennis Championships created?

German Open Tennis Championships was created in 1892.

How do say spell tennis in french?

The same word 'tennis'

How do you spell 'two' in German?

Zwei is how you spell two in German.

How do you spell swakeleys in German?

the same way you spell it in German

How do you spell horse in another language?

Spanish - caballo Italian - cavallo German - pferd French - cheval

How do you spell tennis in French?

Tennis is spelled the same in French: le tennis (masc.).

What is another way to spell Romania?

Correct names: In the Romanian language: România In the English language: Romania In the French language: Roumanie In the German language: Rumänien etc.

What is the main German language?

The main german language is german