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The correct spelling of the adverb is vigorously, just as in your question.

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Q: How do you spell vigorously?
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How do you spell vigourously?

The correct spelling is "vigorously" (something done with great power or strength).

What is an antonym for vigorously?

Casually is an antonym for vigorously.

What part of speech is vigorously?

Vigorously is an adverb.

Is there a sentence with playing vigorously?

I strained my hamstring by playing vigorously. The violinist suddenly began playing vigorously.

Do acids react vigorously with many metals?

They do react vigorously.

What is vigorously in a sentence?

Shake the container vigorously for two minutes.

What does flourishing mean?

growing vigorously; thriving; prosperous (source: <--- check there before asking these questions, also use spell check =D)

What is the definition for vigorously?

Vigorously means in a lively active manner.

How do you make a sentence with vigorously?

when we shake a branch of a tree vigorously, all the leaves fall down.

What is a sentence using the word vigorously?

Example Sentence:Vigorously rubbing my face with a towel, the friction made my face red.Shaken Baby Syndrome and Tramatic Brain Injury in babies occurs when an adult vigorously shakes an infant.

How can you protect yourself?


What is antonym for vigorously?


Make you a sentence with the word vigorously?

No matter how vigorously Lady MacBeth washed her hands, she could not remove the spot.

What will happen if a glass ruler is rubbed vigorously on a woolen cloth?

A plastic ruler is rubbed vigorously with a woolen cloth

How would you use the word vigorously in a sentence?

An example of a sentence using the word would be... He attacked the meal vigorously and with relish.

Could you find a sentence for the word vigorously?

The cat hid in the closet and licked itself vigorously after being thrown in the tub.

Is vigorously an adverb?

Yes, vigorously is an adverb. In case you wanted to know... vigorousness-noun vigorous-adjective Hope that helped!

What does vibrance mean?

To be vigorously animated.

Can you shake your penis vigorously?


What is the opposite of lightly?

vigorously, heavily

How can the audience applaudedd the dancers?


Does potassium vigorously react with acid and also conducts heat?

Potassium does indeed react vigorously with acid and also conducts heat well.

Do bases act vigorously with many metals?


Do bases react vigorously with many metals?

They do not.

What does vigorously mean?

Done with energy and impetus.