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Q: How do you start Pokemon Battle revolution on dolphin wii emulator?
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Which emulator is used to play Pokemon Battle Revolution on PC?

Dolphin Emulator works.

How can I transfer pokemons from Pokemon Pearl on DS emulator to Pokemon Battle Revolution on dolphin?

You can't, you need a real DS for that.

Can you transfer Pokemon from platinum rom emulator to battle revolution on Dolphin?

This may be stupid, but you can either transfer from your ds to dolphin, or transfer a rom prfl (profile) to the wii XD

What is PokΓ©mon Battle Revolution?

Pokemon Battle RevolutionAll you can do is battle Pokemon in Battle Revolution.

You can download Pokemon Battle Revolution for PC?

Yes. download the iso file and open it on dolphin and play ;D

Can you copy Pokemon from Pokemon ranger to Pokemon Battle Revolution?

No, you can only copy them to Pokemon Diamond, not Pokemon Battle Revolution. But, if you want to, then send them from Diamond to Battle Revolution!

What is battle revolution in Pokemon?

Pokemon Battle Revolution is the Pokemon game for the Nintendo Wii, and you basically battle, battle, and, what did I forget? Oh yeah, BATTLE!

How do you upload Pokemon from ds to Pokemon battle revolution?

you go tu upload Pokemon in Pokemon battle revolution

Where can you get Pokemon Battle revolution for the Wii?

you can buy Pokemon battle revolution for the wii at

Can you get a master ball on Pokemon Battle Revolution?

cant catch Pokemon on battle revolution.

What is better Pokemon Battle Revolution or Pokemon XD or Pokemon colissieum?

In my opinion, I'd say Pokemon Battle Revolution.

How do your Pokemon lvl up on Pokemon Battle Revolution on the wii?

Your Pokemon cannot level up on Pokemon battle revolution

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