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i have a 2001 Saturn sl1 and the anti theft system shut down the car. to reset the antitheft system try to start the car. leaving the key in the on possition disconnect the positive battery terminal (red terminal). wait for about ten minutes, with the key still in the on position this whole time, reconnect the terminal on the battery. then get in the car and turn the key to start. this fixed my problem and hopefully it will help you as well.

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Q: How do you start a 96 Saturn when anti theft is activated?
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How do you disable the anti theft system on a 1993 Cadillac Seville?

Car wont start,anti theft system is activated,

Where is the anti theft relay for 1999 Saturn sl?

i also need to know where this is im having problems with my anti theft system.

How do you reset the anti theft code on a 98 Saturn CD player?

take it to a Saturn dealer they will do it for free

What does the lock mean when it flashes on the instrument panel?

Your Securilock anti - theft system is activated - Helpfull

Is there a anti theft device on the 1998 Toyota Camry that needs to be reset after installing a new starter?

If you have disconnected the battery upon reconnecting it anti-theft system was activated. Your remote or key should deactivate it when you attempt to start the car. Also check your owner's manual for more details.

How do you disengage the anti theft on a 2001 Saturn GL?

The button on the key fob generally does that for you.

How do you disable a 2002 Malibu anti-theft?

I don't know how to disable the system yet but, to reset it :insert the ignition key and turn to the on position (do not turn the key to start)leave the key in the on position for 10 minutes to reset the anti-theft systemYour Malibu should now start normally.It has been suggested on other web sites that not inserting the key all the way when trying to start the car can cause the anti-theft system to activate.On the 2002 Malibu when the anti-theft device is activated it prevents gasoline injection. Thus you Malibu acts like it's not getting any gas.

How can you turn off or reset anti-theft alarm in daughter's 1997 Pontiac Firebird because it activated somehow and now the car won't start?

you have to have the unlock code. you can get it from any GM dealer

What is the light showing a car with a key inside it for in my Toyota Sienna 2006?

It means the "Immobilizer" or "anti theft system" is activated

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Car will not start because I think that anti theft is the only have a key no remote

How do you reset anti-theft system on 1999 Buick Park Avenue Ultra?

how to reset anti-theft system to start engine

How do you know if the anti-theft system is activated?

After you lock the doors on your Explorer, the word THEFT will light uo in your gauge cluster for, I think it's 30 seconds, and then the word THEFT will flash on and off in your gauge cluster.