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How do you start a car where do you put the keys?


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2006-10-26 22:12:38
2006-10-26 22:12:38

If you have to ask, then you have no business even attempting to drive a car.

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put the keys in the car and there you go.

I think i put them in the car I'm not sure.

where you last put them

Put the keys in your pocket.

1) Get into car 2) Put keys in ignition 3) Turn to "on" position 4) Apply Brake 5) Shift into neutral 6) Start the car

Did you lose your car keys or are you looking to hijack a car? ;)

have someone push it for you, put the engine on run (3rd movement on the car keys), put it on first gear but have the clutch pushed in all the way. once the car is moving, slowly let go of the clutch while pushing lightly on the gas. the car should start.

You should be able to Google that under "car-jacking" or "how to steal a car"!

Copied car keys are aren't easy to be copied and you will have a hard time starting a car if you have that copied car key since that key is very thin, it can easily broke and it's bigger than a normal keys at home.

First of all you get your keys, go out side, get into your car, start the motor, put car in reverse, back out of driveway, head west young man.

Our car is S40 with automatic transmission. Put car in "park". Start engine. Put foot hard down on brake pedal. Turn engine off with the brake still hard on. In our car, the key came out easily.

Break the window , start car with the keys and drive to your nearest glass shop .

You don't have to be able to start a car to put it into neutral. Put the key in, turn it to on, then the shifter will be unlocked and you can move it to neutral.

Get the vin number and go to the place you bought the car to get a key made. You will need the registration to the car.

put fuel in charge battery, insert keys and turn key to start, hey presto.

it sounds like you have a faulty ignition barrel

Put your keys in it. If those were lost along with your FOB, contact a Chrysler dealership. They might be able to help you if you can prove ownership.

i have a 2007 chevy only has 17000 miles on it. i had a remote car starter put in a year and ahalf ago. i never had a problem. now when i start my car it makes a clicking noise.the noise goes away after a few seconds and i can still drive the car.

we have to put the gear to neutral and apply brakes, and start the car.

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