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All you have to do is simpily have a desire to sew, and create things. Many haute couture designers love high fashion. I, as a haute couture designer went to get a degree in fashion, and then I chose to start my businessat my house. I also hired other desingers to work with me to help me with my designing. That is just a simple I started my own haute couture line. actually haute cature or high sewing is a specific style of fashion design promienet to one part of Paris called Chambre de commerce et d'industrie de Paris where designers are clothing lines are expected to meet certain standards as set out by the Chambre de commerce et d'industri de Paris to be actually classified as Haute Couture, so the member before me is actually not a proper haute couture designer and never will be unless he/she becomes a member of the Chambre syndicale de la haute couture, where by these member have to meet three standards to call themselves a couture house and use "Haute Couture" in their advertising

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Yves Saint Laurent's Maison de Couture line features what type of clothing?

Haute Couture

What is the difference between couture and haute couture?

Couture is the art of dressmaking Haute Couture is the fashions created by the art of dressmaking.

What is another word for haute couture?

Haute couture is the french name for bespoke clothing meaning one - off.

What is the meaning of houte couture?

HAUTE Couture means high fashion and is the most exclusive line that designers create, usually with the end client in mind.

Who was the father of couture?

The Father of Haute Couture was Charles Frederick Worth.

Who buy haute couture?

Wearing haute couture is an aspirational symbol of power and prestige reserved for those for whom money is no object.

What is the French term for the high quality clothing?

Haute Couture

What is the french term for high fashion?

la Haute Couture

How do you say high design in French?

la haute couture

What is the oldest existing haute couture house in Paris?


What does couture mean in english?

'Une couture' means a seam (of a dress for example), but 'la (haute) couture' means the art of creating fashion (in clothes).

Where did fashion modeling start?

This is a subject of debate but the majority of experts agree that it began in Paris. This is where Haute Couture and fashion houses were born.

What is the name of French fashion house?

Maison de haute couture

What is the difference between haute couture and prete a porter?

"Haute couture" is generally a one-of-a-kind custom-made designer garment where "pret a porter" is ready-made retail garments in large quantities.

What is haute couture?

Answer1. The leading establishments or designers for the creation of exclusive fashions.2. The creation of exclusive fashions/The fashions created.Haute couture is very dynamic, eye-catching makup, hair, and/or clothes.

What did the words haute couture describe?

high fashion, exqusite taste and or style

How do you say designer bags in french?

"Des sacs de haute couture."

What is the exact meaning of 'haute couture' in fashion?

In fashion, the term 'haute couture' is used to refer to specially designed and created one of a kind pieces. These pieces are exclusive designs made with luxury materials and methods for a specific customer.

Who created fashion modeling?

Many credit the father of Haute Couture, Charles Frederick Worth.

Who was the first women in the modeling industry?

Marie Vernet was one of the first women to model haute couture, thanks to her husband, the Father of Haute Couture, Charles Frederick Worth. Lisa Fonssagrives is another woman who made a huge initial impact on the modeling industry.

How do you pronounce Terre Haute?

It's French. It's Terre not Terra, but you do pronounce it like terra, the "err" is like "air"...Haute is like haute cousine or haute couture, only in Indiana for Terre Haute we pronounce the "h" a bit more...more like "hote", h - long o - t

What is more important in carrying off haute couture - a great body or a great attitude on the ramp?

It is a bit of both, however, what is important to remember is that models are supposed to showcase the clothes--not themselves. Having a great attitude and walk can make any haute couture ensemble sizzle on the runway. Most wouldn't call runway model bodies "great" since their purpose is to be a human hanger. In terms of body type, the only way anyone can model haute couture is if they are tall and slim with little to no curves. Having the perfect balance between the right body type and a great attitude and walk can take a model a long way when modeling haute couture.

What do you call someone who does couture?

Someone who does couture is a fashion designer or a couturier. The words couture and couturier are originally French, from their word for "sewing" but are also used in English. Couture refers only to fashion design for women. "Haute couture" means "high" couture, custom-made dresses made with extravagant fabrics and unique designs, to be worn only to the fanciest parties.

Is hawt slang for hot?

Yes, in reference to a person's physical appearance. Hawt/hot can mean they are extremely attractive. Haute is the French word for "high" and can refer to high fashion (haute couture).

Who owns affliction clothes line?

Randy Couture . FALSE. Affliction Inc. Does. They worked with Randy Couture on another line.