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Don't keep taking him back time after time, and you begin to feel strong, and not like a fool.

I have dealt with this same issue myself many years ago....

He continues coming back, because he cant let you go. Maybe he has never met or found anyone like you. You are the only one who he can truly talk with, laugh with, tell his secrets too, and make love with such gusto. He cant let you go for some reason. But he has to realize the "breaks" he continues to give your relationship, hurt you deeply. You need to tell him, communicate with him how much his actions hurt you. That is something I regret years ago. I never truly told "him" how I felt about him, and how much he hurt me, ripped my heart to shreds over and over. If you dont tell him, how will he know. Men arent as well in-tune as we are. Tell him, tell him everything. If he doesnt change, then you need too. No longer take his calls, and no longer allow him in your home or near you. If he doesnt change knowing how you feel, then you need to be strong and let him go.

I took back a man who I told, "next time we break up, I will not take you back. This will be the last time. If you let me go, this will be the last time for us." Guess what? Our relationship did end years ago, but I did end up taking him back 22 years later. There is something about him, I just cant let go either.

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Q: How do you stay strong when he ignores you completely then comes back time after time?
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