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How do you steal rental Pokemon in emerald?

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You can't, unless you use some type of hack. I'm warning you: it might corrupt data if you do it wrong.

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How you steal Pokemon in emerald?

You cannot steal Pokemon but if you have a gameshark you can put it into your GBA (Gameboy Advance) and enter in a code for stealing the rental Pokemon.

Can you steal Rental Pokemon without a Game Shark in Pokemon emerald?

action replay might have something

In Pokemon Emerald how can I steal a rental Pokemon from Battle tent?

I've tried to do what it says on u tubebut it didn't workModified by Wyra: There is no legit way to steal a rental Pokemon from the Battle Tent -- "legit" including glitches.

How do you steal rental Pokemon in Pokemon emerald?

Check They have SOOO many things like that. Trust me,IV'E DONE IT BEFORE!

How do you steal rental pokemon from emerald?

you can't but it's fun when you get awesome pokemon like scarmory and stuff like that, then you really want to take it

In Pokemon emerald how do you get the data of your rivals starting Pokemon?

Steal it from him. Steal it from him. Steal it from him.

How do you steal Pokemon in emerald?

you cant

How can you steal Pokemon in emerald?


How do you steal Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald?

You have to have an Actionreplay or Gameshark

What is the steal Pokemon code for Pokemon emerald?

Steal Trainers Pokemon F14e5bf8 48e23757 8e883eff 92e9660d

Pokemon emerald how to steal rental Pokemon?

u can't but u can catch dem if u talk to dawns/lucas' sister and she will tell u where dey are hope i helped

How do you steal Pokemon from the Battle Factory in Pokemon Emerald?

you cant

How do you steal rental Pokemon from the battle factory?

You can't.

Can you steal Pokemon from the battle factory from emerald?

No, it is not possilbe to steal pokemon. You can use them at certain places in the battle frontier, but you cannot actually steal them.

Can you steal Pokemon in emerald without a game shark?


In Pokemon emerald how can you steal a retal Pokemon in battle tent?

To steal Pokemon in the Battle Factory you should equip 3 very weak Pokemon first. After getting your rental Pokemon, turn on the magic door cheat for AR or Gameshark. Then you will teleport out of there upon walking through the door and keep the rental Pokemon. BE WARNED because you lose you're Pokemon you had in the party before so only put like 1-3 weak ones there.

What is the code to steal trainers Pokemon in emerald?


How do you get warp code to steal rental Pokemon?

yes. i do not know it, but you have to use the gameshark

How do you steal rental Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

you grab it and say laterz cuz and when the guards come you utz them and the shuffle away

Where is team aqua and magma when they steal the orbs in Pokemon emerald?

they went to a better world

What do you do after team aqua stole the submarine on Pokemon emerald?

Get it back. People shouldn't steal.

Can you steal Pokemon from the battle factory in Pokemon emerald?

Yes you can. Then you can become Team Rocket and make a living by stealing pokemon. Do you have a rock for a brain?

In Pokemon Emerald how do you steal Pokemon from battle tent?

Try searching it on YouTube. If you can't find it,then there is no other way I can help.

Pokemon emerald game shark how i can steal enemy Pokemon?

You cant because I tried. But you might be able to if you find a cheat engine code.

Is there a gameshark code to get a totodile in Pokemon emerald?

there is... but i don't know yet..or go to the battle frontier and then to the battle factory here's the code : Warp to Battle Frontier 19C67C656689 94318B106757 Then talk to the person...bla,bla,bla...go in...your Pokemon will be on the safekeeping,then choose 3 rental Pokemon...activate the code...when you go to the door,you'll have the rental Pokemon ! (This is called stealing rental pokemons) carefull ! these rental Pokemon will erase your Pokemon party..!