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PRECAUTIONS: Do not attempt to apply vehicle graphics in the rain or wind- You WILL have problems. Also, graphics will not adhere as well in cold weather. A decal usually consists of three layers. The "transfer tape" is on top, the "vinyl graphic" is in the middle, and the "backing" is, of course, on the back. TOOLS NEEDED: - Windex or Rubbing Alcohol and a Rag or Paper Towels

- Masking Tape

- Tape Measure

- Plastic Squeegee (A credit card will usually work if you don't have one)

- Xacto blade (To pop any bubbles) PROCEDURE: 1. Be sure to clean the surface of the vehicle completely 2. Completely Dry the area that has been cleaned. 3. Tear off two pieces of masking tape about 2"-3", attach to top of decal and roughly position the decal where you want it. 4. Use a tape measure to level out the decal releasing one side of the masking tape at a time and moving that side, then re-sticking the tape when the decal reaches the correct position.

TIPS: When measuring, always measure to a middle body line, not the top of a vehicle otherwise your decal will end up crooked. Also, if measuring to text, curved letters or numbers like "6", "O", etc. will be slightly taller than flat letters or numbers like "E" and "1" so you should always measure letter on each end that are either both round or both flat. 5. Once the decal is level where you want it, create a solid tape "hinge" along the entire bottom of the decal (meaning the tape will be halfway on the decal and halfway on the vehicle) 6. Remove the pieces of tape at the top of the decal and fold the decal down along your new tape hinge. 7. Carefully remove the backing of the decal (Starting at the tape hinge usually works best rather than at the top edge) 8. Now, holding the transfer tape layer at the top of the decal, raise it up until it is a few inches away from the surface. 9. Use the squeegee or credit card to begin pressing the decal on in the following manner: Always start at the bottom along the tape hinge and make sure this goes on without wrinkling. Always start from the center and work your way to the edges using overlapping strokes. USE FIRM PRESSURE TO AVOID BUBBLES! 10. Once you have squeegeed on the entire decal, carefully peel off the transfer tape. 11. If you have bubbles, pop with Xacto blade. If you have wrinkles, use a hair dryer or heat gun to heat the decal and iron them out with the back side of your fingernail. This is a basic install instruction set. Things can get really messy, really easily. There are other methods used for specialty scenerios. If you are not comfortable with installing the decals yourself, pay the company that made them to do it- if they screw it up, they replace it. If you screw it up, you're out of luck. Good Luck!

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Q: How do you stick on decals on a car?
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