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How can i stop getting messages from wap o2 saying im out of credit

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Q: How do you stop getting wap messages on 02 samsung?
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What is a wap code?

Samsung s5233 wap code

Where is the WAP profile located in samsung B3310?

why ask "check your wap profile" in sumsung mobile

Why is there a globe with a message symbol at the top of My Alcatel OT-708?

It's telling you there is a WAP message. go to your messages and check WAP

How do you activate wap in Samsung m200?

my Mobile is samsung M200 & sim is Airtel i have taken a internet of 98 Rs and setting from customer care

How do you stop your iPhone from receiving a WAP text message every so often telling you to top up?

send a message to wap to stop texting you

Can the iPhone receive WAP Push messages?

It's no secret that Apple's iPhone has taken the world by storm. But can it receive WAP Push messages? The answer is...sort of. While not all iPhones are able to receive WAP Push messages, there are a few ways to get around this. One option is to use an app like Android Push Notifications, which allows you to send push notifications from your Android phone to any iPhone or iPad. Another option is to use an email-to-SMS gateway like Twilio. This will allow you to send SMS messages from your email account, and the recipient will then receive them as regular text messages on their iPhone.

What is wap over gprs?

WAP = Wide Area Paging. GPRS = General Packet Radio Service. It's basically the system by which the mobile phone network sends and receives data, MMS and SMS messages.

How can we check wap profile on samsung Rex 60?

I had the same problem a few weeks ago and what I did was I went on my Network settings and It said set up a name or something then I clicked on it and made a name and then a few minutes later my internet worked

How do i get wap on my phone?

To get wap on your mobile phone, simply get in touch with your service provider. The provider will give you instructions on how to get wap.

What is the full form of wap?

WAP is Wireless Application Protocol

What are the feature of WAP?

What are the feature of WAP?"

What is Fetty Wap's occupation?

Fetty Wap is a/an Rapper singer songwriter