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love just does not go away i am only 18 and when i was dating a guy for 2 years witch is not a long time or anything but when i was dating him i was so in love he maade me feel like i was on top of the world then we thought i was going to have a baby and he left me and that hurt and i never forgave him i was ok in the end and now i am happy because i have love now and i can see that was not love at all. i guess what i am trying to tell you is that you and this guy/girl and not ment to be if he left you or you left him it was a big deal to break off something that was going on for years, you need to move on date other men i know that's hard but jump back into the datting world sweet pee you and ready for true love.

AnswerThat's a very hard thing to do because you have loved this person for a very long time. You didn't explain your circumstances as to whether you were living together, married, or you've just loved this person from afar.

There is no doubt lost love hurts, but many of us have been through it, and because it's a grieving process it will take time to heal. The best thing to do is throw yourself into school or work, start going out with friends and having fun and start dating again. There is that special someone out there for you.

Good luck Marcy

AnswerYou can still love someone and not want to be with them. You are normal to always have feelings for someone. Even if they have wronged you.

im feeling the same way, I've loved this guy for 3 years now, and it hurts so much, but if he dosent return your feelings and you really love him...... let him go. if you really loved him just let him go, that's what i did, it hurt and it still hurts. but letting go is the best way to show how much u love that person, u might never get over them cause they were such a big part of your life, but now they'll just be a big part of your heart. i love you Daniel for the rest of forever.

AnswerForgething someone who you have loved for many years is hard to just say goodbye. Yes it might hurt but if that person really loved you they would have never hurt you in the first place. I personly think that if you love someone let them go and if they come back it because they love you, but if they dont well its time to move on. I had a relashipe that lasted 2 years and i wont lie its this sad, mad, and confused feeling you get. Many people hid what they feel. I did that and it just made me feel worst. So i told a colse friend what i felt. she helped me so much that now that i see that person i don't feel the need of crying. It helps because you get stronger and it gets you back up. So for all them girls that get heart broken dont let yourself down have that fath in yourself. Then next thing you know you stop caring and start meeting new people. Even if he hurt you there will always be someone else there for you.
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2013-01-24 03:41:59
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Q: How do you stop loving someone who you have loved for years?
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If you have loved someone for two years and can't over them no matter how much I try?

I have loved a guy for 3 years and i still can't get over him!!! it's what people call a "first love". They say that you never stop loving your first love.

Am loving him too much but he is not what to do?

stop loving him and find someone else

Can you stop loving somebody?

Depends on how much you like them.ANSWER:If you really love someone the love will always be there. If you loved someone, and you no longer have the love that you once had for them, then, some love, will continue to remain in your heart for that person.However, if you loved someone you thought was very special, and they do something that hurts you severely, then, over a period of time the love for them can stop.

How do you stop loving someone that means so much to you but it seems as if they'll never change?

Where is it written that you have to stop loving someone. It is possible to love someone and not like them at all. Move on. Do what is best for YOU.

Why do you stop loving someone?

Sometimes you stop loving someone because they changed. Maybe its you that changed but i stoped loving someone because they always acted weird around me and they never said i love you anymore. we just recently broke up

Is it possible to stop loving someone because of stress?


How do you get over someone that you made stop loving you?

well you just have to say to yourself there are other fish in the sea and just move on and if he really loved you he would come back HOPE THIS HELPS

How do you stop loving someone?

this is a tricky question because there are several different types of love. if it is the love from you to an old flame who has hurt you or has moved on themseleves the answer is simply that if it was true love you do not stop loving that person, instead you move on with your life and find someone else that you can love just as much or more. and just so you know if the opposite person who you are trying to stop loving really truly loved you, but has moved on, this does not mean that they have stopped loving you, they are just trying to go on with their lives and would probably want you to be able to do the same.

How do you stop gay people?

You cant stop someone form loving someone else, its impossible. It is also wrong to try.

How do i stop my wife from leaving me and loving him?

You can't really. You cannot stop her feelings for someone. Sorry.

Can you stop loving someone in a few weeks?

yes u can bye

How do you stop loving a person you have a lot feelings for?

find someone else

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