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How do you stop mosquito bites from itching?


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Use Calomine lotion (i'm not sure that's how you spell it) also if you rub it instead of itching it you won't damage it as much so it will heal faster

Also Try Hand Sanitizer... But don't put it on if has broken the skin or bleeding... It can really sting you can even put windex but not if its broken skin or bleeding -With your fingernail mark an X over it.

Apply nail polish to the bite and leave until the itch fades, it is believed this method works by keeping air from the bite.


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The banana peel is said to stop mosquito bites from itching.

You put on some mosquito cream and they will probably stop itching in no time! :)

because the alcohol has bio forcin in it to relieve itching

One way to stop or at least reduce the itchiness to mosquito bites, banana peels (inside) can reduce itchiness

Butter helps. ICE stops it right away.

Some things that will stop a Mosquito bite from itching is to clean it with water or you can use rubbing alcohol. You can also use a baking soda paste to use on the bite.

A mosquito is an insect that can bite you. The place where a mosquito bites you is where it will itch a lot. To make the bite go away and not bother you longer, you must stop itching it.

Though the itching should assuage with time, you can apply a soothing lotion, such as Jergens, to try to calm the itching. Good luck!

yes you can be allergic to mosqutio bites or sensitive to mosquito bites and if it is itching and swelling around the bite area it might be that you are allergic or you may havent had that reaction to the mosquito bites yet.

Yes. Dab some rubbing alcohol on mosquito bites and it will reduce the itching.

You can cut a onion and rub softly over itching it will stop

you get a small lump and the itching feeling due to an allergic reaction to the mosquito saliva.

A mosquito bit me, the spot now itches insatiably. When a mosquito bites a person, their saliva is injected into the bloodstream, which causes itching. Mosquitoes are small.

No, if there were , it would be well known!

When a mosquito bites they inject some of their saliva into you. Their saliva contains a chemical that prevents the blood from clotting while they are drinking. The itching is an allergic reaction to the saliva. That is why it affects different people differently.

You can buy Germ-X and rub it on your bug bites and it will stop them from itching in a couple of minutes! It works! Trust me!

The best treatment for mosquito bites is warm water and soap. Afterwards using wet baking soda will relieve itching.

Special types of cream/medicine.

Put something on them to keep them from itching and go to school.

put water on it and dont think about it

shaving(depends where you shaved),or rashes,chicken pox,mosquito bites,something healing(like a sore)....

A banana is not a mosquito repellent but it is said that it will help once you already have a mosquito bite. It will supposedly reduce the swelling and stop the itching.

I'm allergic to sand flies mosquito and ant bites what can i use to stop it from itchy ?

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