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I use a sealed cookie jar and scoop it out as needed. * Popcorn can also be stored in the freezer.

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Q: How do you store popping corn?
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How should you store popping corn?

Store popping corn in an airtight plastic container or a glass jar that seals tightly. The object is to keep moisture away from the unpopped corn.

What is popping corn made from?

It is made from corn kernels.

Is popping corn digestible?

No it is not

What is used for popping corn?


Who Invented Popping Corn?

Native Americans

What are popcorn kernels made from?

Popping corn

How did popcorn get its name?

because its corn that popsbecause when the corn pops it becomes popping corn originally from India

Is popcorn a specil tipe of corn?

Yes, popcorn is a special type of corn, specifically called popping corn.

What is the best popping corn?

The kind with lots of butter!

Does carmel affect the popping of corn kernels?

I am not sure how caramel affects the popping of the corn but after some research, I have found that most recipes require the caramel after the popcorn has popped. That is how I make it.

What will be the effect on popping of corn if corn kernels are placed in freezer?

they will explode and often catch on fire when microwaved

How many tablespoons is 1.8 ounces of popping corn?

3.6 tablespoons

How much does one cup of popping corn weigh?

8 oz

What is a 6 letter word for something that is used for popping corn?


Does butter affect the popping of corn kernels?

Corn kernels pop whether there is butter on them or not. The butter is just an outside coating.

What happens chemically to a kernel of corn when popped?

Nothing. Popping is a physical change.

What is the place to store corn called?

The place to store corn is called a 'Cornory'.

What does popping corn have to do with matter?

when you pop corn it gets bigger by turning into popcorn so its takeing up space,whitch is matter!

Is popping corn a physical or chemical change?

Chemical - a physical change can be reversed , e.g Freezing water, melting chocolate. But something like popping corn is ireversible like baking a cake or boiling a egg. Hope this helps.

How do you store husked corn on the cob?

To store husked corn on the cob, place the corn into a zippered freezer bag. Store the freezer bag in the refrigerator. The corn should keep for a few days this way.

What makes popping corn pop?

Internal steam via a microwave or heated pan.

What causes a substance to feel hotter because energy is released?

Candy Corn Popping

How is kettle corn popcorn made?

you put it in a kettle and you put the fire on and it starts popping

Does storage temperature affect popping pop corn?

yes less popcorn will pop

What is the process of corn harvesting?

You cut the corn and then store it.