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With a full sized cucumber. And wear a speedo, it helps.\ y would u want to? man if boys do this a lot they should not make fun of gurls who stuff their Bras

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Q: How do you stuff your underwear?
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Why do girls have clear stuff on there underwear?

The clear stuff that i sin girls underwear is called discharge. It comes before your period, its perfectly normal.

Why do you have brown stuff in your underwear?

The reason you have brown stuff in your underwear is because you didn't clean yourself properly. Not wiping yourself can lead to an embarrassing stain on your underwear as a result of waste that was not cleaned up properly.

Do bodybuilders stuff socks in their underwear?

yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Is it normal to have yellow sticky stuff in your underwear after you humped someone?

no prbably not

Do boys get that white stuff in there underwear?

No , unless you having Anual sex

You woke up with clear underwear and sticky stuff on your leg?

Wet dream?

What does it mean when you find gooey pink stuff in your underwear is it your period?

Old blood

What if there is black stuff near the front of your underwear?

You should probably see a doctor about that

Are cricket whites see through?

Yes you can see underwear and other stuff through them. :)

How long is it before you get your period after you find white stuff in your underwear?

Fighting fhfhfh fhfhfh

Why is there white stuff in your underwear everyday if you have already started your period?

Discharge........its wierd and nasty but it happens

What is the stretchy stuff called at the bottom of a jacket?

the "stretchy stuff" at the bottom of jackets, and on the top of underwear, the cuffs of some jumpers, etc. is called elastic