How do you swallow pills?

Updated: 12/20/2022
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You simply put the pill on your tongue. I usually put it about the middle or a little farther back. Keep it there without swallowing or anything. After placing it there, quickly take a big gulp of any drink. Then swallow. Therefore its just like swallowing a swig of your drink.

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Q: How do you swallow pills?
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Can you chew swallow only pills?

No. There is a rational reason that they are "swallow only."

Can you swallow chewable birth control pills?

Yes, you can swallow or chew birth control pills, whether they are the special chewables or the usual type.

How do you use contraception pills?

put in mouth and swallow

Why are pills shaped the way they are?

So you can swallow them easier.

Can you swallow suboxone pills and get same effect?


Does drinking orange juice to help swallow vitamins and other pills affect the results of the pills?

NO. I don't see why it would either. It's just a drink. I've used orange juice to swallow pills plenty of times, and nothing has ever happened. So to answer your question, Drinking orange juice to help swallow vitamins and other pills do not affect the results of the pills.

Why is it hard to swallow after ecstasy?

MDMA does not make it hard to swallow after taking ecstay, pills with meth or other apps make it hard to swallow.

How do you mix sleeping pills in a drink so that you cant taste it. I can't swallow pills?

Cut them up

Why don't they make the pills bigger so you only have to take one?

Because smaller pills are easier to swallow !

Why do I have problems swallowing pills?

It could be for a few reasons. A. The bodies norm is to swallow only chewed food, not swallow it whole, so when you swallow without chewing it might cause a gag reflex. B. If your tense about swallowing pills, it might suddenly surface as you try to swallow, tensing your throat, and stopping you from letting the pill down. For more information look at related links.

How do you take omega3 fish oil pills?

take it like your swallowing any other pill. Since they are really big just try and swallow it like your chewing normal food and you swallow a big bite. relax. it may require more than one gulp of water

Is it hard to swallow pills after you get your tongue pierced?

More than likely, So your best bet is to crush them up and snort them