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How do you swim faster at a swimming meet?

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At practice you are supposed to be preparing and. In practices also there are more people in the pool at once so it makes it harder to swim against their waves compared to swimming against a few people in a race and one person in each lane. Also, at a swim meet you are not swimming as much as you do at practice, so you aren't as tired. Finally, you swim faster at practice because at a swim meet, you may be excited or extremely nervous to swim in front of many people. Your adrenaline kicks in and makes you swim faster.

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i woould recomend an energy drink like Gatorade . n eat carbs 24hours b4 u race if uts long distance.

wen ur lining up on the block try and think about techniques you need to do. as a sort of recap.

warm up . do some sprints probs between 2x 25's and 4x 25s it depends on ur expericence

ttry to make sure ur well rested but don't jsut sit around all day try and walk around a bit

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If you are in a race, people swim faster in cold water.

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