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At practice you are supposed to be preparing and. In practices also there are more people in the pool at once so it makes it harder to swim against their waves compared to swimming against a few people in a race and one person in each lane. Also, at a swim meet you are not swimming as much as you do at practice, so you aren't as tired. Finally, you swim faster at practice because at a swim meet, you may be excited or extremely nervous to swim in front of many people. Your adrenaline kicks in and makes you swim faster.

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i woould recomend an energy drink like Gatorade . n eat carbs 24hours b4 u race if uts long distance.

wen ur lining up on the block try and think about techniques you need to do. as a sort of recap.

warm up . do some sprints probs between 2x 25's and 4x 25s it depends on ur expericence

ttry to make sure ur well rested but don't jsut sit around all day try and walk around a bit

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Does a swimming cap make you swim faster?

using a swim cap does make you swim faster

Why is it good to have long arms and legs for swimming?

to swim faster

How is swimming funded?

The swim meets are funded by the swimmers. you have to pay to swim in the swim meet. the big meets (e.g: grand prix, nationals) are funded by USA swimming.

How do you beat somebody who is a little faster in swimming?

swim fast and hard!

Why do frogs swim instead of walking?

they are better at swimmin because they have webbed feet to swim better. they are faster at swimming.

What is the standard swimming pool length for a college swim meet?

25 yards.

What is the best thing to do at a swim meet besides swimming?

You can eat, watch other people swim, or work at the concession stand.

How warm should it be to go swimming?

If you are in a race, people swim faster in cold water.

What is a sentence for the word meet?

Later in the afternoon, I will meet Lisa and Jane at the bike park.The coach discussed our swimming techniques at the swim meet.

How can you swimming faster?

You can swim faster by get more leg strength because you would always depend on your legs to get around in the water.

Why did bengamin Franklin make the swim flippers?

Ben enjoyed swimming (a rare past-time when he lived) and wanted to swim faster.

How has swimming changed?

Swimming has changed a lot. Swimming strokes have become more efficient and faster. Also, swim wear has changes and evolved a lot too.

Who invented the swimming paddles?

Benjamin Franklin might have invented swimming paddles as a young kid to allow people to swim faster.

How does a emperor penguin swim?

It gets in the water, then swims, in the water. Like generally most things do when they swim. Unless they are swimming in urine, as then they probably will swim faster as it is gross.

What is the use of paddles in swimming?

It is the use of paddles on your hands. They make you swim faster. It trains your triceps.

What is faster swimming or running?

Running is faster. You can run a mile in about 5-8 minutes. It takes about 20 minutes to swim a fast mile.

How does swimming help your lungs?

Swimming helps your lungs because to swim faster you hold your breath and by holding your breath often it makes your lungs stronger.

Do you sWim faster in a deeper swimming pool?

It is said that you do - because there is less turbulance reaching the swimmers on the surface.

Why do you need to wear a hat when swimming?

It is called a cap. You do not need to wear one. It helps you swim faster.

What is something that makes swimming swim faster?

Swimmers can wear fins/flippers, and paddles to assist in speed.

How do you say swimming competition?

Many people call it different things. Some people call it a swim meet. Others call them a swimming competition.

What is the time you must average to meet a 22 minute requirement in swimming 800 yards?

You must swim faster than 41 seconds per 25 yards. Or it is 82 seconds in a 50 yard pool.

Does using a swimming cap make you swim faster with or without a cap analyze the data?

Swimming with a cap allows you to swim faster...but only but only slightly. This is because without a cap your hair creates the slightest bit of drag and also soaks up the water makes you heavier

What is the largest swimming pool in north America?

i once went to a swim meet in Louisville Kentucky and it was very big. it used to be a quarry but they made a swimming pool out of it.

What is the past progressive tense of swim?

I was swimmingWe were swimmingYou were swimmingHe/She/It was swimmingThey were swimming