How do you tag friends in posts on facebook?

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first you must hit the @ button and the start typing the name exp: @patrick swazye *if they're your friend it will pop up with a list to chose from. pick the friend you want and it will highlight it in blue. You can tag as many people as you want.
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How do you get tagged photos from friends if you just joined Facebook?

If you're referring to getting a notice when your friends are tagged then that will happen automatically through facebook's new feed (and according to their preferences regarding what to share and with whom). If you're referring to tagging yourself then you should look for photos of yourself via f ( Full Answer )

How do you post on Facebook what you post on Twitter?

There are a number of social media dashboards that allow you to post to both Twitter and Facebook. Tweetdeck and Hootsuite are popular for business. For personal use, there's a new app called MultiMi that allows you to post to a lot of social networks simultaneously. It integrates social media, emai ( Full Answer )

How do you tag a friend on Facebook?

If you want to tag a picture of a friend on facebook. First step is go to the picture you want to tag. Then click tag picture then select the name of your friend that you want to tag and Click done.

How do you tag on Facebook?

If you mean tagging someone in your status, then you have to put @ and then write their name and it should come up on a list. Its pretty easy. Or if you want to tag them in a picture, underneath the picture on the right it will say something like 'tag this photo' click on that and then click on ( Full Answer )

What is tagging on Facebook?

A tag on facebook makes a link between a picture and the people who are in the picture. If you go to the person's profile their "tagged" pictures will show up there. And if you look at pictures, people who are tagged will have their names listed. A tag is created either by the person whose picture i ( Full Answer )

How do you get photos to tag your friends on Facebook?

type the @ sign and then start to write your friends name. hope this helps. x In the search thing on Facebook you type in and then you hit like a go to application and then there are hundreds of pictures to tag ur friends with!! :)

How do you post a YouTube video on a friends Facebook?

You go to Youtube find the video you want. Under the video screen there will be a thing that says share click it. Next click Facebook and write a sentence or two about the video.There ya go now it is under your links.

What do you post in Facebook?

Post pictures of you and your friends! Let everybody know what you have been up to. Connect with people you haven't seen in years. It's almost like a high school reunion, but you can access it everyday.

What is tag in facebook?

You tag your friends by putting their names on their photos. This is useful when there are several people in the pictures because it helps others know who you refer to.

How do you post on Facebook?

Press 'Home'. Then you see a link saying "what's on my mind". Aka,post. Write whatever you want to write in the little box. And thenclick Share. To post on the popular website Facebook you can either make aStatus Update or you can comment on a photo or another membersstatus update. You need to have ( Full Answer )

How do you tag a friend in a video on Facebook?

Go to the video's main page where you should see only the video and advertisements on the right hand side, and below the video, you should see a link to tag a person. :]

How do you tag your friends on facebook?

Once you have added your photo to facebook, click on tag photo (located under the photo) and then type your friends name into the box, and the click tag.

How do you tag a friend on facebook photos?

You can tag if you have facebook profile and go in your friend album and there u will see a tag option in his photo album use that option and tag photo to your any friend which are present in your friend list note - this option may be not visible in mobiles phone

How do you limit mafia war posts to friends on facebook?

Either dont post them or make a group of friends and add all real friends into that group. When posting mafia wars posts, click privacy, -> customise, click friends only except from "group name". posts will be hidden from anyone in that group

How do you post where you are on Facebook?

On Facebook on a desktop or laptop computer when you type a status update there will be a button that looks like a pointer used on Google Maps. Press that and it will share your location along with the status update. This is a picture showing what button to press: I ( Full Answer )

How do you post on the wall of a friend on facebook page?

To post diretly on a friend's timeline: . Navigate to your friend's wall/page . Enter the post into the box at the top of the page To prevent your friends from posting on your facebook timeline: . Click Settings (upper right hand corner of thepage - looks like a circle with notches, a gear) ( Full Answer )

How do you delete tags on pictures from facebook?

Under the picture, it will usually say "In this photo" somewhere below it. After that, it will list all the tags, like names and such. If you are the original uploader of the photo, then next to each tag their will be an option to remove it. If you are not the original uploader, you can only remove ( Full Answer )

How do you tag people on Tumblr post?

You can't. Sorry. Not like on facebook. But you can put tags on posts. When posting there is a a box on the right side which says tags. You can put tags on so people can find your specific photos easier.

How do you tag a photo on your Facebook?

The photo has to be on facebook. Once it is simply view it and on the left hand side there should be a few options. Click the one that says "Tag This Photo" and press where you would like the tag. type the name of the person/object you are tagging into the box that pops up and press the button on th ( Full Answer )

How can tag somebody who doesn't have Facebook on Facebook?

Well they wont be notified about it (mind you even if they could they wouldn't be able to see it if they had no account) but start by pressing "Tag Photo" and click on the person you wish to tag, then type thier name and click the side, now click finished tagging and check to see if on the right it ( Full Answer )

How do you tag a person you are not friends with in a comment on Facebook?

Just add a Name and a last name it won't give you opion to see there page thow I'm the same girl that did the Mall World mom & dad go crazy with facebook just make sure you add a LAST NAME if you don't it will tell So & So you tagged them I'v added my sisters name in a photo and it told me her last ( Full Answer )

How do you tag yourself in facebook photos?

to tag your self you must hover over the photo and click tag photo then click on the face of you or some one else and type your/there name in but if it is someone elses photo you will do that step but they will have to accsecpt the tag next time they see the photo

How does one tag pictures in Facebook?

First, click on the picture to enlarge it. Underneath the picture, click the "Tag Photo" option. Click on the person in the photo, type their name. Confirm the name when it pops up, and click "Done Tagging" to finish.

How do you post an answer to Facebook?

To post an answer on Facebook, when you reply, you want to click on comment underneath the post. This will open up a separate box and you can type your answer in. Then hit the enter to submit it.

How do you tag someone in facebook on nook?

When you are using the Facebook app on your nook and want to tag someone in a picture you use the same steps as if you were in Facebook on a computer. Go to the picture and there is a feature to tag the photo.

On facebook what does it mean to tag a photo?

Tag a photo means that you can tag or attach a person's profile to your pictures! not only the pictures will be visible on his time-line but also that will be visible to his profile members. Its not necessary that yo can only tag your friends, you can tag anyone on those pictures. Even a group or a ( Full Answer )

How do you fix an accidental tag on Facebook?

How to fix an accidental tag on Facebook involves clicking on thepicture, selecting the "Edit" button, then clicking on the "X" nextto the name of the person that is being removed.