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To take a picture on the Ipad 3 and indeed on the iPod touch you can take a photo of the screen by pressing the home button and the lock/unlock button at the same time. The picture will then save to your camera roll.

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Q: How do you take a screenshot on iPad 3?
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Why can't you take screenshot pictures on halo 3 videos when you press the take screenshot button it doesn't work?

you have to record it first

How do you take a screenshot on a mac OS X?

To take a full screenshot, use the following command: Command + Shift + 3 To select a partial screenshot, use the following command: Command + Shift + 4 (highlight a section to take a partial screenshot after doing this keyboard command)

Can you take pictures on iPad?

No, but on the iPad 2, 3, and iPad Mini there is.

How are screenshots taken on the Playstation 3?

You can take a screenshot by pressing the PS button and the start button at the same time, some games will not allow you to take a screenshot. The screenshot will be saved in an album called screenshots in your photo's.

How do you take a screenshot on Motorola xoom?

Click "Take screenshot" :)

How do you take a screenshot Motorola xoom?

Click "Take screenshot" :)

Can an iPad take photos?

It is possible, for example with iPad 3.

How do you take a screenshot with karbonn a1?

To take a screenshot with Karbonn a1 press the function button. From the function menu select screenshot. Your screenshot will be available for saving or sending to someone else.

Does the you iPad take pictures?

Only the iPad 2 and 3 is able to take Pictures because they have Camera's!

How do you take pictures on Club Penguin?

There is no camera function on club penguin, but you can take a screenshot on a mac computer by pressing Command-shift-3 and take a screenshot on and windows by pressing PrintScreen in the top right corner.

How to take picture with imac os10.5.6?

Command > Shift 4 for a screenshot Command > Shift 3 for a predetermined screenshot. To take a photo with the iMac built in camera open Photo Booth in Applications.

Can the mytouch 4g slide take screenshot photos?

Yes the mytouch 4g slide can take screenshot photos. You may have to activate the ability to take screenshot pictures in the settings section of the device.