How do you take apart Winchester model 270 to clean?

I took down one of these guns today, cleaned it and put it back together. I was able to find a photo of an instruction manual. I've moved a copy to my website as I'm not sure how to include files here. It can be found here:

Feel free to contact me if that link doesn't work someday.

Just in case, I've transcribed the take down and assembly portions below.

Some tips:

  • You don't need to remove the stock. You can, by removing the butt and removing the stock bolt but it's not necessary for cleaning.
  • Don't try to disassemble the trigger assembly unless you reeaaaallly need to. Clean and oil it, but leave it together.
  • Don't use a metal object to remove the rear mounting pin. (That's the little pin the size of a pencil above the trigger.) It's plastic and will break, and the metal will scratch the gun as well. I used a small dowel and a hammer.
  • When reassembling, really do as the instructions say...move the forearm (the part you use to chamber a round) all the way towards the end of the barrel and then back 1/2 inch. After this, the trigger will push down into position nicely.

Text below is transcribed from the Winchester 270 instruction manual, linked above.


  1. Open the action to ensure the rifle is unloaded, then close action.
  2. Put safety on.
  3. Twist magazine tube plug to unlock and pull out inside tube.
  4. Remove rear mounting pin by pushing out from either side. To remove trigger guard assembly, pivot back end then pull down.
  5. Disengage locking plate from slide arm by pulling forearm to the rear. Life slide arm to clear bolt and push forearm forward. Bolt and locking plate are not free to lift out.


  1. Locate locking plate in bolt recess. Push forearm forward and list slide arm. Insert locking plate and bolt under slide arm. Pull back forearm slowly until arm drops into bolt recess.
  2. With forearm pulled back approximately 1/2 inch, locate trigger guard front mounting pin into receiver hole and pilot into position. Insert rear mounting pin flush with receiver.
  3. Insert magazine inside tube and lock.