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Use a Magic Eraser cleaning pad. That's the name of it: Magic Eraser

It works especially well on white shoes.

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How do you remove white scuff marks from black furniture?

White scuff marks can be removed from black furniture by using shoe polish that is the same color as the furniture. Using very little polish with a clean cloth will make the scuff marks disappear like magic.

How do you remove black marks not scuff marks from linolium floor?

Rub it with tennis shoe.

How do you clean scuff marks off soccer shoes?

I have Nike Vapors and Just recently a kid stepped on me and left a huge scuff mark on the side of my boot. What I used to remove my scuff marks was a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Get your shoe wet, and scrub very firmly. Should take it right out, unless it is a black scuff mark

How can you get yellow scuff marks off black shoes?

Try a bit of rubbing alcohol on a cloth. You'll need to re-polish the shoe later.

What do you use to clean scuff marks from tarmac?

This may sound strange, but rubbing the sole of your athletic shoe over the scuff mark may do the trick.

How do you remove scuff marks from expensive shoes?

the answer is simple. when you buy a pair of shoes you need to also buy a SHOE (not a normal) brush. you can usually find one in a kit. along with the kit there is a bottle of ink-looking liquid. dab some on your shoes over the scuff then brush until the scuff is gone. you may have to repeat this several times

What shoe color is black box as opposed to black?


How can you make white laces black?

Dip the white laces into black paint or get black shoe laces its simple! :)

How do you get white marks off black shoes?

I tried toothpaste and nailpolish remover, both were unsuccessful. I ended up using a black magic marker and then polishing the shoes with shoe polish and the results were good.

Where can you buy black and white checkered shoe laces?

At foot locker or any shoe department

Can shoe cleaner clean a white hat?

no but black ink does

How do i clean my Air Jordan Concorde 11's?

To clean Air Jordan Concord 11's tennis shoes it is best to use a cloth with water and a cleaning agent. If the shoe is white you can use diluted bleach to help remove any scuff marks. Never submerge the shoes in water.

What colour shoes and bag do you wear with a black and white dress for a wedding?

black colour shoe

What shoe color matches green blouse and white pants?


How do you remove sticky residue from wood floors?

At any hard ware store or even Walmart you can buy a product called "Goo-B-Gone" works on every thing...from gum to shoe scuff marks to paint on a hardwood floors.

What shoe color matches an off white suit for a wedding?

A gray, off white or black will match.

What color shoe goes with a red and gold sweater and black skinny leg jeans?

Black or Red and White.

What would be an appropriate pastel color tie to wear with white shirt black pant and black shoe for a child's graduation?

a black tie

What are the colors can a shoe have?

purple black white orange tan gray blue yellow...etc.

Does anyone manufacture socks with white bottom and black above the shoe?

Dry foot sock

How can I change my white shoes to a black color?

Get shoe dye or buy another pair of shoes.

How do you clean white Adidas socks?

you need to get white shoe polish --Then what do you do with the white shoe polish?

What color shoes would you wear with a yellow top and a white pants?

You can either wear white shoes or a metallic-colored shoe, or a shoe with brightly colored patterns. Avoid black or brown shoes with this outfit.

What is the name of the old black and white movie where a ship is stranded in a seaweed island in the ocean and people walk about using snow shoe-type shoes and balloons?

Not a black and White! The Lost Continent.

Two pairs of shoes were marked down to the same sale price The white pair was been reduced 25 percent and the black pair had been reduced 20 percent The difference in the origianl prices of the shoe?

The sale prices are equal.0.75 W = 0.8 BB/W = 0.75/0.8 = 0.9375The black pair was originally at 93.75% of the price of the white pair.The difference in original prices is 6.25% of the white-shoe price, and 6-2/3% of the black-shoe price.=========================Check:Let the original prices be:White = $100Black = $93.75Sale prices:White = 0.75 x 100 = $75Black = 0.8 x 93.75 = $75yay!