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soak their hay,use a nose net,give the horse paper or vacuum packed wood shavings for bedding.

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Q: How do you take care of a horse with copd?
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What do you do to gain a horse's trust?

Take care & show lot's of love to your horse

How do you find aging points when you take care of your horse?

you just take care of them and i think they are randomly found

If horse that is easy to take care of and maintains a healthy weight is called a?

wise horse

Who take care of the horse?

Usually the horse's owner or the owner will hire a helping hand

Does rob dyrdek still have the mini horse?

No he couldn't handle taking care of a mini horse

What does it mean when your horse is honest?

an honest horse is a horse that will take care of you and pack you around, and will try to keep you on their backs.

What do you call a horse that is easy to take care of?

An Easy Keeper

Do you need to be 13 to take care of a horse?

You can be any age to take care of a horse, but to work in a stable you should be at least 13, and to be paid legally for your work you must be a minimum of 14.

Can a horse on Howrse foal a day late?

If you take care of the horse on the day that it has to give birth, but you don't pay for the birthing, the mare will lose the foal and you will lose a karma point. If you do not take care of the horse, it will not age and therefore will not lose the foal until you take care of it. If you do not have enough money for the birthing, you can just leave the horse alone until you raise enough money.

How do you care for the horse mustang?

You can take care of it the same way you do as the other horses. There is no difference with Mustangs.

How do you get friends on horse?

Touch the horse very softly, feed it and take good care of it so that the horse will trust you and make friends with you.

Who is the best to take care of a baby or an adult horse?

A horse trainer and/or a horse boarding facility is more likely to be able to care for any age horse from a foal through the pasture buddy years of later life.