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How do you take care of a tongue piercing?


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February 08, 2010 9:25PM

Well if you had the piercing done you should have received detailed written aftercare instructions, if you are going to get the piercing done, you should get the aftercare instructions in writing. Be sure to ask your piercer before you get the piercing done," do I get written aftercare instructions?".

If the answer is no then find another studio to get the piercing done. All piercing studios must provide the client with written aftercare instructions, this is a requirement of all body piercing studios, as required by the local health inspection departments and municipal licensing bodies.

If you didn't get instructions for the aftercare of your piercing and you just got it done, go back and ask for the instructions from your piercer. They must provide the aftercare instructions, they are responsible for what they do, and part of that responsibility requires they provide you with the instructions verbally and in writing.

Telling you how to take care of the piercing before you get the piercing done does you no real good, each studio has there own method of taking care of the piercings they provide. So providing you with conflicting information is not a good thing, if need be ask them for the instructions before you get the piercing done, then you can compare notes between the studios you are thinking of having provide the piercing service for you.