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How do you take care of crickets?

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You need to feed them once daily. They eat different brands of cricket food. They can also eat a small pinch of fish food or a slice of fruit. A moist cotton ball is a good water source. Clean cricket's cage weekly.

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Where do crickets get water?

crickets get water from grass , but if you are taking care of one there are water pouches at pet stores

What do black crickets eat?

well some times leaves or grass.if your breeding them then it should it carrots an lots of take care of them

You found a about 1 centimeter wind scorpion what would you feed it and how else do you take care of it?

(they actually feed on crickets, beetles and maybe even lizards

Is it easy to take care of a lizard?

Not exactly, because they usually need a heat lamp. Also it is sort of gross feeding them live crickets on a daily basis.

Do crickets feed on algae and water reeds?

Crickets could eat reeds and algae but, since crickets are not well adapted to aquatic life they typically would not. There are examples of non-aquatic algae (such as lichens) that crickets could eat without getting their feet wet if you care to argue.

How can to many crickets hurt a bearded dragon?

any amount of crickets can hurt a bearded dragon if they are left in the cage. when the beardie is done eating, take all the crickets out of the cage.

How to care for a baby chameleo montium?

It needs alot of water. Crickets are the best food for it.

Do crickets have crickets or does katydids have crickets?

crickets have crickets and katydids have katydids

What are the different types of crickets?

Watermelon crickets Raspberry crickets Coconut crickets Blueberry crickets Apple crickets Strawberry crickets and don't forget Banana crickets!

What will happen without crickets?

The whole ecosystem would collapse around us slowly and you, my friend, would die along with the planet. Basically, take care of the bugs- they're important for your survival.

What does a cricket look like?

There is a wide range in different types of crickets. There are; Cave crickets, Camel crickets, Spider crickets, Mormon crickets, Jerusalem crickets, House crickets, Field crickets, and Sand treaders. Crickets belong to the animal kingdom and classified as insects. Their phylum is arthropods.

Do grass hopper eat crickets?

no crickets don't eat crickets

What is take care in greek?

take care

What kind of crickets eat grass?

The types of crickets that eat grass are field crickets and house crickets. Crickets also eat leafy vegetables, small insects, and fungi.

Do crickets have spines?

No, crickets are invertebrates.

Do crickets like light or dark?

It depends on the type of cricket. Camel crickets do not like light but house crickets and field crickets do.

Do blue crabs take care of their young?

No they do not take care of their young , They only take care of their eggs

What do crickets need to survive?

!. Crickets need warmth 2. Crickets need food 3. Crickets need water 4. Crickets need a good place to lay eggs

How long can a crickets stay under water?

1 year, give or take 1 year, give or take

How much do crickets run for in petsmart?

small crickets = $.08 large crickets = $.10

How do you say take care in pashto?

take care

How do you take care of a spatula?

how to take care of a whisk

How does the frog take care of its eggs?

It does not take care of them.

What kind of crickets live in IL?

There are over 900 species of crickets. You will find House, Cave or Camel crickets and Field crickets in Illinois

What are the brown furry worms in the crickets are they dangerous to my bearded dragon and also do you always get them in live crickets?

They are baby crickets and You usually her them in live crickets

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