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*THIS GOES FOR MOUSE AND RAT PINKIES: Assuming that you mean pinkies that are without a mother, I would just like to warn you that it can be a long and difficult process, especially, the first couple of weeks. And there is no guarantee of success.. However if you are devoted to raising these little guys here is what you can do.. #1st: you want to temporarily place them in a box of sorts lined with clean old socks, fragrance free white toilet paper or paper towels "Shreaded",processed wood shavings "ASPEN SHAVINGS WORK BEST, avoid PINE and CEDAR they are known to cause respitory aliments, especially in young mice and/or rats" or old rags. Make sure the box is big enough to hold all babies comfortably but not big enough for them to spreadout away from each other. "you do this until you are able to provide them with more suitable and/or permanant accommidations(ie: a 5 gallon fish aquarium works nicely until they are moving around on their own once this happen upgrade to a 10L-20L gallon with a screen top)" make sure to keep the box/aquarium in a warm spot, someplace that remains at a constant 72-75 degrees. if this is not possible you can use a heating pad set on the LOWEST setting placed underneath box/aquarium... make sure there is adaquite lining between bottom of box/aquarium and the babies, you want them to feel the heat but you do not want them to become overheated, or use a SMALL heat lamp* placed about 6 inches above the box/aquarium ," when using a heat lamp blub being used needs to be of the lowest Wattage available." I believe it is either a 25W or 50W, ask a sales person at your local pet supply store, you will also need to frequently check to make sure babies are not getting to hot.. DO NOT PLACE BABIES DIRECTLY UNDER HEAT LAMP....... make sure there is a "shady" area for them to be placed in where they will be able to benefit from the heat given off by the lamp but again will not become overheated. O* Heat lamps work best when used in conjunction with a 20L aquarium or higher #2nd: you will need to provide them with a milk supplement (Puppy "Espilac" or kitten "KMR" works well and can be purchased from your local vet or pet supply store.) every two-three hours around the clock using an eyedropper/medicine dropper, they seem to work best with these tiny creatures... Make sure it is given to them at just slightly above room temp., you may find that the babies will probably only take a couple of drops at a time.. (afer each feeding with a gentle hand and a warm cloth rub the babies all over,this helps to simulate defication.) At about 2-3 weeks old you begin to introduce dry mouse food (moistened slightly with the formula) in a shallow dish and water in a separate shallow dish.. However, CONTINUE OFFERING MILK FEEDINGS AND DO NOT STOP SIMULATION OF DEFICATION) until pups are at least 6 weeks of age and/or are obviously eating and going to the bathroom on their own... #3rd: Make sure to keep nest box clean and dry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #4th: At about 6-8 weeks of age you should be able to distiguish the males from the females, I would begin to separate at this time, at 12 weeks they are fully ready to go to their new homes.. Hope this helps, Kechara

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Q: How do you take care of pinky mice?
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Check out FAQfarm listed Question: "How do you take care of pinky mice?" information listed for that question applies to the care of baby rats as well.. Kechara

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