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Q: How do you take care of your Pokopet in Panfu?
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Related questions

On Panfu how do you make your pokopet better?

to mak pokopet better, keep visiting it in ur tree and feed it and take it on walks and play with it. also u can take it to the pokopet barn to race with other pokopets but ur pokopet must have at least 1 heart(: hope this helps!

How do you get the Pokopet voucher on Panfu?

You have to finish the 'Save the Pokopets' quest to get the Pokopet voucher.

Where is the pokopet barn on panfu?

the barn by the sports field

How do you train your pokopet on panfu?

To train your pokopet u have to race it with another panda and if it wins u unlock a new talent.

How do you get a pokopet on panfu?

you have to complete the quest to save the pokopets first!

How do you get pokopets on panfu?

Go to the Pokopet Barn and look in the catalogue.

What is the answer to the riddle in the restaurant on the Pokopet mission in Panfu?

the number is 5

How on panfu to get powers for your pokopet?

I think every race you win

How so you buy a pokopet on Panfu?

you have to complete the mission save the pokopets

Where do you get food for your pokopet in Panfu?

you get food each to day and when you get it hope it is poisenous "P

How do you get a poko pet in Panfu?

u do the panfu pokopets quest then u can get a pokopet by clicking on the book and choosing the 1 u want. :)

Where is eloise on panfu?

Eloise is at the plane at first but when you do the pokopet quest she moves to the barn.

What do you do if you dont get a voucher on the pokopet quest on panfu?

if you don't get a pokopets voulcer make sure you did it right eg : are you at the barn?

How do you get woody on panfu?

you need to finish save the pokopets in panfu get the pokopet-voucher than go to the barn click the catalog flip the tittle page than click on the picture of woddy and a woddy is at your tree house.

When you get a pokopet on panfu how do you race it?

To race you have to go to the pokopet barn with your pokopet and ,click the thing that says race track outside the barn.Then something will come up saying do you want to join a public race then click yes, then wait till someone else does the same thing and then the race starts! But now you can also click someone elses pokopet then click new race and then you race with them (if they say yes). That's it! By SuperJosh635

How do you unlock soque the pokopet on Panfu?

no se desbloquea sol tienes que tener paquete de oro,1,200 y estar en nivel 20

Where is all the 10 chicks in panfu?

Sanfran panfu Hospital Pokopet barn Harbour Swimming Pool Iv got all ten but iv forgot where the rest are hoped this helped , My name is Kara Harrrison xxx

How do you train your pokopet?

to train your pokopet you have to take it and race with it and if you win you may gain a heart of enargy and also whenever you win a race you gain a new special trick for it to do in the races so that's how you train your pets!

How do you take care of a woody on panfu?

To take care of a woody,you have to keep making him do fire and take him to the gym.If you are a gold panda,you get to feed him i gusse but if you are not a gold panda just keep trying to keep him heath up all the time.thanks for reading!

On panfu how do you adopt a pokopet?

first you need to complete the quest called "Save the pokopets!". once you have finished the quest and received a pokopet voucher from elouise, go to the pokopet barn next to the carribean beach. Once inside the barn there is a catalogue on the floor by the green hedgehog looking creature. you can buy a blue dragon with the voucher, or you can also buy a pink bird or a turtle with a helmet. To buy the hedgehog or the fox, you have to be a level 20. But i think you can be over 20...not sure tho. hope this helped!! =D BETTER ANSER(BY SCAVENGE, YOU MAY OF SEEN ME ON PANFU): First, complete the "save the pokopets" quest, and eloise will give you a pokopet voucher. go to the cataloga and look for a blue seahorse with wings and antlers(the name is woody) and click the voucher at the top. you will receive woody. to get the others, you need to buy them, unfortunately only gold panda's can do that. HOPE THAT HELPED! ;)

Can you give away a Bolly on Panfu?

not for money but if you dont take care off it for about 2-3 weeks it just runs away and never comes back!

How long is a day on Panfu?

a day on panfu start at 9 a.m and ends at 10 p.m but you have to be on panfu you can play it like every hour take a break then go back like that.

How do you finish the riddiels on panfu pokopets quest?

Kamaria will ask tou to get toad slime. Click on the toad in the eerie forest and hold till the tube becomes full.The rest two things are on the beaches. The answer to open the first lock is F.Second one is the blue pokopet(lock answers may change).After that chez Bruno is in the restaurant...

Do you take the tresure or paper on panfu my son is a pirate Quest?

you are suppose to take the paper. :)

Where is the armbands in Panfu?

The armbands are in the horse place where you can play a game like horse care The goggles are at the swimming pool