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How do you take the 4 wheel drive off on a 1989 Chevy Blazer?

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βˆ™ 2007-02-07 17:18:35

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you dont, if you want to disconnect it then remove your front drive shaft.

2007-02-07 17:18:35
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Chevy Silverado 4 wheel drive?

4 wheel drive does not work 1989 chevy half ton pick up silverado

How many lugs are on a 1989 Chevy 1500?

5 for two wheel drive. Six for four wheel drive.

Did the 1989 Corvette have rear wheel drive?

Yes , the Chevy Corvette has always been rear wheel drive

Hoses to transfer case for s10 blazer?

i have a 1989 chevy blazer gos in 4x4 drive but front wheels are not pulling wat do i do about that

1989 Chevy Blazer?

What about it?

Is the 1989 Chevy Celebrity front or rear wheel drive?

All Chevrolet Celebrity cars are FWD (front wheel drive).

What kinda of transmission is in your 93 s10 blazer 4 wheel drive with a 4.3 votech motor?

Most likely one of these 700R4 / 4L60 / 4L60E / 4L65E They are pretty much the same 1989-2005 Chevy S-10 Blazer my 1992 has the 700R4 my 1997 has the 4L60E

Why does your 4 wheel drive light come on and it just kicks in and out of 4 wheel on your 1989 Chevy 1500?

bad 4x4 actuator

How do you take off a 1989 Chevy S-10 rotor?

Need to know, 2 wheel or 4 wheel drive.

What is the bolt pattern on a 1994 Chevrolet 1500. Is it a 5 on 5 or 5 on 5.5?

The bolt pattern on a 1989 and up Chevy two wheel drive is 5 on 5 im not sure what it is for a 4x4 The bolt pattern on a 1989 and up Chevy two wheel drive is 5 on 5 im not sure what it is for a 4x4 The bolt pattern on a 1989 and up Chevy two wheel drive is 5 on 5 im not sure what it is for a 4x4

Will a 1989 Chevy Blazer transmission fit a 2000 Chevy Blazer?

No it will not even bolt up. GM redesigned the transmission and its not even close to being the same as the 1989 trans.

Trying to find key in ignition buzzer location in a 1989 Chevy Blazer?

The buzzer that lets you know the key is in the ignition in a 1989 Chevy Blazer is in the steering column. To access it you would need to remove the steering wheel with a special tool, or remove the ignition assembly. The key makes contact with a tab that activates the buzzer.

Where is the over drive solenoid on a 1989 Chevy Corsica?

where is the over drive solenoid located on a 1989 Chevy Corsica

Would a 1989 Chevy Blazer front clip fit on a 1982 Chevy Blazer?

yes, 82-93 are the same besides grill design

What other years blazer parts are interchangeable with a 1989 Chevy blazer?

1982 - 1994 (early year models).

Is the speedometer on a Chevy Blazer electronic or by cable?

I believe that the first digital cluster on a S-10 Blazer was in 1989.

Will a 2.8 engine from a 1988 Chevy beretta fit a 1989 Chevy blazer?

Yes it will, but you have to put all the blazer engine stuff onto the beretta engine...

How do you adjust the map sensor on 1989 Chevy s10 blazer?

There is no adjustment to my knowledge.

What is the front gear ratio on a 1989 Chevy Silverado 4 wheel drive 5.7 liter 1500?

it will be the same as the rear diff

Is an 1989 eighty eight Oldsmobile royale brougham front wheel or rear wheel drive?

The 1989 Oldsmobile was most definitly a front wheel drive vehicle.

What is the wheel size of a 1989 Chevy Caprice?


How do you add transmission fluid to a 1989 Chevy s-10 blazer?


Does the vehicle speed sensor control the idle in a Chevy blazer s10 1989 2.8?

No it does not.

Where is the fuel pump fuse in the passenger compartment on a 1989 Chevy S-10 blazer 4 wheel drive with a 2.8L engine.?

The fuel pump fuse will be in the engine bay fuse box and should be marked in the cover of the fuse box as to is precise location on the board.

How do you know if your 1989 Cherokee is in 4 wheel drive?

If it is 4 wheel drive there will be a shift lever for the 4 wheel drive right beside the drivers seat to shift from two wheel to four wheel drive