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GREAT question because i just moved mine from the fore arm grip (front) to the stock ( or back) . 1 remove your stock with the battery. remove the the battery and stock.
2 open your gun and run the wire down through your gun to the fore arm grip.
3 put your gun back together put your battery in and it should work. also if you need any other help with this task. Id be happy to make a video for you explaining each step.

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That really depends on the gun you have. You should check the manual if it came with one, otherwise I can't help much without knowing at least the gun style and manufacturer.

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Q: How do you take the battery out of an airsoft gun?
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Do you take out the battery out of an airsoft gun when not in use?

Yes, if not in use for more than five min

Can an Airsoft gun battery break if exposed to snow?


What kind of airsoft battery comes with a well D-94 airsoft gun?

dont get that gun walmart has the best beginer guns

How long does it take to charge an ak47 electrical airsoft gun?

Depending on the battery size most take 2-4 hours

Ak 47 airsoft gun battery life?

It depends on which company makes it, and what battery it uses.

What airsoft battery goes to the well D-94 airsoft gun?

It uses a 7.2V NI-CD 400 mAh battery. If anyone knows how long to charge it, please say so. I have this airsoft gun too.

What is an electric airsoft gun?

an Automatic Electric Gun or AEG is am airsoft gun that runs off a battery to fire bbs instead of being hand cocked or powered by a compressed gas.

Does a higher volt battery make your airsoft gun shoot harder?


Why does your m83a1 airsoft gun make a zzzzzzzzzzzzz sound?

It sounds like you have either a low battery or a broken gearbox. Try with a fresh battery, if that does not work, take it to a repair shop.

What does aeg stand for?

In airsoft guns, automatic electric gun. Battery powered airsoft, versus spring powered or gas powered.

How long does a battery for an ak47 airsoft gun work?

10 years for one batterie

How long does the battery last on a nightprowler airsoft gun?

it lasts up to 3 hours