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with ur mouth, and that's "boca" in spanish for you ;)

u know

2011-09-12 22:23:07
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Q: How do you talk about the environment in spanish?
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How do frogs communicate to its own species?

They talk in Spanish They talk in Spanish

How do you talk to baby in spanish?

The same way you talk to any baby, except you use Spanish. Bebe is Spanish for baby by the way

Is vannessa Spanish and talk Spanish?


Spanish people talk in what language?

Spanish... -.-

How to say talk in spanish?

hablar= to talk,speak

How do you spell can i talk in spanish?

'Can I talk?' = '¿Puedo hablar?'

Did Selena Gomez talk Spanish?

no she does not speak spanish

Can alligators talk in spanish?


How do you say talk to you tommorrow in Spanish?

Here is the Spanish translation for "Talk to you tomorrow!" Hable con usted mañana!

Does Miranda Cosgrove talk Spanish?

Miranda Cosgrove i just wanted 2 know if u talk Spanish

How do you say 'I have to talk' in Spanish?

To say 'I have to talk' in Spanish, you would say 'Tengo que hablar.'

How do you talk in Spanish?

Go to school and consult with a Spanish teacher.

What does ablame mean in spanish?

ablame means "talk to me" in spanish

What is an invinative in Spanish?

An infinitive in Spanish is simply to + a verb. For example, hablar means "to talk". Hablo, however, means "I talk".

Does Selena Gomez talk spanish?

Yes,She can talk spanish a little but very very well because her dad is Mexican

How do you say dont talk to me in spanish?

No hablar conmigo. Don't talk to me.

How do you say talk to in spanish?

escuchar = to listen to hablar a/con = to talk to/with

How do you say no i don't talk spanish in spanish?

Yo no habla Espanol.

Does Chile talk Spanish?

yes they do

How do you say talk in Spanish?


How do you say to talk in Spanish?


How do you you say talk in spanish?


How do you spell talk in Spanish?


How do you say talk in spanish'?


How do you spell I'll talk to you in Spanish?

The spelling of I'll talk to you in Spanish is: Voy a hablar con usted en espa~nol.