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Q: How do you teach gallade leaf blade Pokemon omega ruby?
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Is Gallade a good Pokemon?

Yes, he is a very good Pokemon to have ecspecially if it knows leaf blade. Which you can teach it by going to Pastoria city and going in the house by the man who says he is in the middle of town.

Is Gallade a good fighter?

Well, If you teach Gallade the right moves, yes. Teach Gallade the following moves: Majic Leaf{so you can defeat water type Pokemon}, Psychic {it's a good move}, Brick Break {so you can defeat the Dark type Pokemon that might get on your nerves, and any other move you believe you might need.

Can you teach gallade psychc?

Not unless your Kirlia knows it upon evolving into Gallade. Your Welcome :)

How do you teach gallade ice punch?

You have to learn it at the Platinum/HeartGold/SoulSilver Move Tutors.

What level can gallade learn night slash?

Gallade can learn night slash, but not by level up. To teach Gallade night slash the player most go to Pastoria city and go to the south part of the city then go into the house at the top right of the southern part of the city. There is a guy who can teach Gallade night slash for a heart scale and all other moves it learns before that. I hope that helped!

How does Garchomp learn Fire Fang in Pokemon Omega Ruby?

You can teach Garchomp Fire Fang through the use of the Move Relearner in Verdanturf Town.

Can staraptor learn sky attack?

As of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, you can take Staraptor to the Move Tutor in Battle Resort and teach it Sky Attack. For Generation IV, you can teach Staraptor Sky Attack from the Move Tutor in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver.

How do you teach Empoleon ice blade?

you cant

How do you catch keldeo in Pokemon black?

You will need an event witch has only came out in japan or some other country but not in north america, if you want to teach your keldeo *somthing* blade witch is a good attack, no not leaf blade. You need to go to the moor of icarus with keldeo, terakion, coballion and varizion in your party and terakion varizion and coballion will teach keldeo *something* blade.

What level will crphish evolve in Pokemon Emerald?

at level 30 (hint:getting to level 30 is hard but for a fast way getting there get 3 rare candys and 3 master balls capture a porygon-z that has the ability adaptability,a gallade that has the ability steadfast and a mewthree then use the rare candys on corpish then put corpish in the top right (you can do this by entering menu and pressing Pokemon) and porygon-z that has the ability adaptability and when your in a double-battle teach corpish a status stealing move and then use that status stealing move on porygon-z (note:it has to be at the first turn) yoy will gain stats for attack then switch your porygon-z with gallade then when gallade flinches his speed will rise that's when you use the status stealing move on gallade then mewthree is shifted with gallade and work together battling very high level Pokemon and strong Pokemon! that should take you like 6:00 to 6:04! enjoy!

Where can you teach Pokemon double edge in hoenen?

You can teach a Pokemon "Double Edge" in sootopolis city... There will be a girl in the Pokemon center and she will teach it to one of your Pokemon.

How do teach Pokemon tricks in platinum ds?

Who told you that you could teach Pokemon tricks.