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Not many fake coins are made from real silver or gold. Take it to a jeweler to be tested, most will do this for you.


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you can tell it's real by the silver. If its real silver it is real. Get it?? I hope that helped you.

Test the metals for magnetism by placing a magnet near it. If it is attracted by the magnet it is not a real silver dollar .Since silver is not magnetic, there must be other metals in it such of iron, nickel, or zinc.

it is real but there is only about 3 left

I wsnt sell silver dollar 1804 year.

If you're unsure, check the weight. Silver dollars (not the copper/nickel Eisenhower dollars) should weigh 26.73 grams.

Check the weight. An authentic US silver dollar should weigh 26.73 grams. If the coin is heavily worn, the weight might be just slightly less.

Take it to a local coin collector and see what he or she says.

Show the money to your local bank. They wold be able to tell if it is real or not.

Take it to a bank, they will be able to tell you if it really is genuine.

No simple answer for this question, some fakes are very poor and others are excellent. If you have doubt about a coins authenticity show it to a dealer or collector for an opinion.

The best thing to do is take it to a dealer or collector for their opinion.

At the risk of sounding a bit snarky, the best way to tell if it's fake is to hold it in your hand. If it looks like an 1804 silver dollar, it's fake. The 1804 dollar is one of the most famous rarities in all of American coinage. All known specimens have been accounted for and are in museums or private collections. There are oceans of counterfeit ones on the market.

By the mint mark on the reverse of the coin, but silver dollar coins with no mint mark are made in Philadelphia

A person can tell whether or not they have a Morgan silver dollar by looking at the dates, which should be between 1878 and 1921. A person can also test the coin with a magnet to see if it is made from silver.

With the flood of counterfeit coins from China even if the weight and diameter are correct it's best to have checked by a professional grading service or take it to a dealer or collector for their opinion.

International Silver is, as far as I can tell, a brand owned by the Lifetime Sterling company, and is sterling silver, which is real silver but not pure silver.

: female silver dollar will have longer annal fin which will be half red.... by sanaa khan

No U.S. silver dollars have an Indian Head design, so if you have one it's not real. A genuine silver dollar coin dated 1851 would be a Seated Liberty coin. I have seen many 'fantasy' silver rounds with the Indian Head design with different dates, but they all have the 1oz .999 fine silver markings somewhere on the coin.

One way to tell is to check the weight. A genuine silver dollar should weigh 26.73 grams (slightly less if the coin is heavily worn). If the weight is significantly higher or lower, it's a fake.

You show it to an expert and they'll tell you.

If it's sterling silver, it is not magnetic. Real gold and silver are not magnetic.

It should have the stamp 925 on it if it is real silver.

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