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There is a little guppy swimming round it

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Q: How do you tell if a guppy gave birth?
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Does guppy give birth?


How do you tell if a guppy is a boy or a girl?

Ask your guppy for me... would ya?

Signs of guppy birth?

If you have a female guppy, and then you see that she has lost size and you have some small fish in with it that you didn't put in there, I can assure you that you would probably be correct if you assume that your Guppy has given birth.

How can you tell if a pregnant guppy is ready to have fry?

The female guppy will be very large and will have a gravid spot near her anus. But when she is ready to give birth she will be very still and huddling near the heater in your tank.

How do you know when a guppy is giving birth?

Well, to tell if your female guppy is pregnant, look for the gravid spot (A dark spot right before the anal fin) It will grow large. It will be big right before it will give birth. The "tummy" of the guppy will get large and before birth will look huge. It usually takes a month for the babies to develop. (Give or take a week) Each female guppy is different. On the day of birth you can sometimes see the eyes of the babies in the mother. Hope this helps@

Will my guppy give birth soon?


What is different of a guppy and a fish?

A Guppy gives birth to young but a normal Fish lays eggs.

When is a guppy pregnant?

One can tell if a guppy has babies in her if she has a black dot near her gut.

What do guppy fry look like?

They will be clear and/or slightly whitesh they should be around the length of your fingernail. They have black eyes and look like guppies. I know because my guppy gave birth yesterday and now i have 8 new fry! :)

Does a guppy give brith?

yes, a guppy gives birth to live young. But I wouldn't suggest trying it.

Does a guppy lay eggs?

no guppies have live birth

When will guppy give birth?

A guppy will give birth about once each month, when they look very bloated, might not be eating and have a lump under their gravid spot.

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