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(Pregnant)LizardFirst of all what kind of lizard is it? If its a Green Iguana its called Gravid not pregnant. They usually change color or act different and if you owned one for many years like i have you will know. but here are some signs: - At least 10" SVL -Reduced consumption of food during the breeding season -belly looks larger,even perhaps while eating less food -Acts a little crazy, frantic actions or facial expressions-orseems moody or withdrawn -wants to dig,get out,go everywhere in the house-restless i hope that works

With certain types of lizards like bearded dragons if you gently run your fingers over the belly you can usually feel the eggs

next answer from different answering : you can even tell because they will probably not eat anything or bite you when you pick it up and you will even just get a feeling that ,the lizard is pregnant.

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Q: How do you tell if a lizard is pregnant?
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How do i tell if my jeweled curly tailed lizard is pregnant?

It gives birth

How can you tell when an armadillo lizard is pregnant?

it is usually bigger and does not move much

How do you tell if a Eastern Fence Lizard is Pregnant?

I dont really know

How can you tell if a blue tongue lizard is pregnant?

They get very fat and their breathing because slightly strained.

How do you tell if my blue belly lizard is pregnant?

they might get a little bigger and they will start building a nest

How do you tell when an anole lizard is pregnant?

you can tell because she looks like her abdomen is about to burst or you can hold a flashlight to her belly. (carefull though)

How can you tell when your lizard is pregnant?

If your lizard is pregnant, it will probably have a larger stomach, because the eggs are developing inside. Also, she may be extensively digging because she is trying to make a burrow to lay her eggs, but this will only be if she has been pregnant for a while. If you would like to, GENTLY feel the underside of your lizard, if you feel large bulges toward her tail/lower abdomen, she is most likely pregnant.

How do you tell if your western fence lizard is pregnant?

look for a swollen belly, inflated... you know. also if it starts screaching

How can you tell if a blue belly lizard is pregnant?

If you know for sure it is a girl and you want to know if it is pregnant, you pick it up and fell her stomach if she is pregnant you will be able to fell the eggs...... hope this helps!

How do you tell your lizard is pregnant?

when it is fat and it doesn't move that much all it is going to do is just sit there and make it look like he or she is sick.

What does it mean when a lizard jumps on a female?

Jamaican Traditions and Beliefs - Pregnancy and BirthIf a lizard jumps on a woman, it means she is pregnant or will soon become pregnant.

How can you tell how old a lizard is Are there any markings?

you can't really tell how old a lizard is I've had a lizard and it's quiet hard to tell you will just have to guess you could look at the size and pattern and colour but there is no definite way to tell sorry

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How can you tell a boy blue tongue lizard from a girl blue tongue lizard?

How to tell a blue tounge lizards if it is a boy or a girl

How to you tell a girl sage brush lizard from a boy sage brush lizard?

one has a penis

What reptile can run on waterjesus lizard?

well, how u can tell its jesus lizard is it has to have a beard.....yup

How do you know if your lizard is shedding?

You can tell when your lizard is shedding its skin when you begin to find loose scales.

Is the frilled lizard a natural predator?

You Tell Me!

How can you tell if your lizard is cold?

by feeling its belly

If a lizard jump on a human male does it mean his wife is pregnant?

yes ^ how

When can you tell that your pregnant?

You can tell when your pregnant by getting a feeling in your stomach.

Can pregnant lizards swim in a bathtub with water?

sometimes if te baby lizard weighs to much the lizard can sink but yes just make sure its shallow so the lizard feels safe

How can you tell the sex of a long tail lizard?

does it have a penis or not

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