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Q: How do you tell if a sportscard is a refractor if there are no r markings on the card?
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Is there a 2002 topps finest Michael Jordan card?

is there a 2002 topps finest Michael Jordan card #100 /250 refractor error card?and if so can you tell me the value of one,the one i have the word refractor is missing from the back of the card.thank you

How can you tell if your 1993-1994 topps finest basketball card is a refractor?

by asking your friendly neighborhood sports card dealer

What is the value of a 2002 Michael Jordan refractor error card?

If its the 96-97 #11 card then only about 5-10 bucks, if its in gem-mint quality (which means its a perfect card pretty much) then it goes for about 15-20 in this market. Dont let anyone tell you otherwise "book value" doesnt mean much, it matters what it actually sells for and those are the numbers... enjoy

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Markings and features

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