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from their belly markings I think! No, to tell the sex of a painted turtle you need to look at there claw size. longer claws are males and shorter are females

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Does petsmart sell baby painted turtles?

No it dosent have the equipment needed for the painted baby turtle

What should you feed your baby painted turtle?


What do you feed a baby painted turtle?

not lettuce. it docent have nutrients.

If the painted turtle is 3 or 4 inches long is it a baby?

No, a painted baby turtle is only the size of a quarter as hatching, the size of the turtle has really no reference to size! Size if composed of age and food supply. a painted turtle is like a red eared turtle which can get up to 8-10" in size depending on the food / environment they are raised in

How big is a baby painted turtle?

A little smaller than a quarter

Will a baby snapping turtle harm baby painted turtles if placed in the same tank?

No they will kill each other

How much does 1 baby turtle's cost?

Well , it certainly depends on the species of the turtle you are looking at . For instance , a Painted Turtle costs about $30.00 .

How long can a painted turtles live without eating?

i have a baby painted turtle and i can say that they can go 2 days for sure with out eating and prabably more

What is the interrelashionship between seagulls and baby turtles?

The interrelationship of a seagull and a baby turtle is the predator- prey relationship . the seagull is the predator here that hunt and kill the baby turtle for food ,while the baby turtle here is the prey.

Can adult painted turtle be with baby painted turtles?

No, not really because if the little one get a bit of food and the bigger one tries to grab it from him he might injure him badly.

How do you set up a tank for a baby painted turtle Our turtle has worn it's front legs raw from clawing the corners of the tank?

Put something in there for it to climb out of the water on.

What is the difference between how is baby and how is the baby?

The difference is that there is an extra word

What are some favorite foods of a baby painted turtle?

baby and adult painted turtles, love worms, mealworms, waxworms, carrots, lettuce, and mainly any green vegtable. They also love feeder fish, and shrimp!!

What is the symbiotic relationship between a seagull and a baby turtle?

Sea turtle hatchlings are preyed upon by gulls.

Can baby painted turtles be with adult painted turtles?

You're not suppose to, but i have a penny-sized painted turtle in with 2 huge red eared sliders. The pet store says they should be comparible in size. but go ahead

Can a baby red eared slider and a baby painted turtle be housed in the same enclosure both a few months old?

yes they can. they will get use to each other and will get along. red ear sliders are more timid than eastern painted turtles. so he may be scared of the other turtle at first. but they will learn to get along.

How do you get a baby painted turtle to eat fruits and vegetables?

All you have to do is heat up some water, and put the fruit\vegetable in. Then you wait until it is soggy and feed the fruit\vegetable to your turtle!

How do you get a baby Southern Painted Turtle to eat?

try giving it diffrent foods because turtles like to range from a varity of foods

Which is easier a baby or adult turtle?

adult in my opionion i have 6 adult red eard sliders and 1 adult painted turtles

What is the relationship between seagull and turtle?

It's not a friendly one; seagulls eat turtle eggs and baby turtles.

How do you care for your baby painted turtle?

Well you have to have a UV Light, a Turtle Dock, a Filter, a Heater, and at the least a 10 gallon tank. You need 1 gallon per inch of turtle. I have two baby painted turtles and they eat "Baby Shrimp and Krill" and eat alot each day. You should get some plants and gravel to put in the tank too. Turtles love to swim, so in the summer you can build a little pond and let the turtle live there until late autumn. You need to leave the UV light on at least 6 hours a day.

How long is the tail on a boy baby painted turtle?

it is very stubby, rather than a girl, who's tail is big in the front and gets shorter. My turtle is a girl, but i have caught a male, and he was full grown.

What is the name of the baby animal of a turtle?

A baby turtle is called a hatchling.

What is the difference between painting and staining wood?

baby baby

What do you do if out a baby turtle?

what do you mean of that? is it that you found a new baby turtle or you got one?