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Q: How do you test a flashlight bulb with a multitester?
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What does the bulb for the flashlight do?

The bulb produces the light.

What is the load of a flashlight circuit?

The load of a flashlight is the bulb.

What inventions came from the light bulb?


What is the load of a circuit?

The load of a flashlight is the bulb.

What is the function of a bulb in a flashlight?

The function of the bulb in a flashlight is to generate some light when some electrical current passes through it. Note: That's actually the whole purpose of the flashlight. If there were no part of it that generated any light, then you do just as well without the flashlight altogether.

What is the difference between a light bulb and a flashlight?

Flashlight is mobile light, can be removable and put in pocket! But light bulb is just in a unchangeable location or a limite distance.

What other inventions came from the light bulb?


What size bulb for a 3 D cell flashlight?


What heating element is found inside the flashlight bulb?


If you hold a flashlight at the speed of light can you still see it?

Need clarification please. The "it" you are referring to seeing, does that represent; A) the flashlight, B) the light from the flashlight, or C) "the speed of light"? Did you mean to imply that the flashlight was switched on? Is it an "old fashioned" bulb, an LED bulb, a laser light, or some other energy? Just wondering.

How much is the estimated life of a flashlight bulb?

The average life-expectacy for a flashlight bulb is 1000-2000 hours. However, you can expand it's lifespand by reducing the tension or lenghtening the wire of the lamp.

Which part of a flashlight is the output?

The bulb is the output. It is what illuminates the dark.