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How do you think the inuyasha series will end?



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I would like to see what Inuyasha's reaction when Kagome dies of old age.


I think naraku will become Omigumo again and...

Kikyo and him will marry

Inuyasha and Kagome will marry

Miroku and Sango will marry

Shippo will stay with Miroku and Sango

Kirara will have kittens

and uh,so on with their life

the ending sucks


I'm not sure how it will end but they make the series kinda boring after the 100th episode. It would be so much more entertaining if something bad happened and Sango, Miroku, and Shippo died in a really sad way.. leave kagome hurt close to death and inuyasha, kirara okay. That would change Everything. Make the whole show more interesting instead of the same happy thing of finding people in trouble.. saving them.. then movin on to help some more people.. then move on. Just a thought tho.. :)

I would think that they all beat Naraku and get their revenge then they go their seperate ways, as for Kagome, her job is done and therefore she justs goes home and returns to her normal life as a 9th grader and as fore Inuyasha, he joins her in the present time, not that it will mess up the space time continuum or anything like that. . .Of course Sango and Miroku have to hook up in some point in their lives. . .and for Shippo, i would think he just grows up to be a great demon!! ;D