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In the Irish, Sláinte mhaith! (good health) or Do shláinte! (Your heath!)

In the Scottish Gaelic, Slàinte mhath!

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Slàinte mhath.

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In Irish it's "seo do shláinte"

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Q: How do you toast To your Health in Gaelic?
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What does Slante mean in Irish Gaelic?

It's 'sláinte' and means 'health'. Often used as a toast.

What does the Gaelic word slainte mean?

Sláinte in Irish and Slàinte in Scottish means health and is used in cheers to mean good health.

How is SlΓ inte pronounced in English?

Slawn-cheh This is used when making a toast (it's Gaelic for "cheers" or "good health"). The full form is Sláinte Mhath (Slawn-cheh vah).

Does chin chin mean toast?

It is a formal Italian toast and basically means, "To your health."

How do you toast a lady?

Usually I say ...To your beauty and to your health.

What is the word for health in Scottish Gaelic?


What is the Gaelic word for health?


What is the good health toast in New Zealand?

I'm a New Zealander.. Answer: I've never heard of such a toast... I suppose it's just normal toast with jam... with a little kiwi to it.

What is a sloncha?

Sloncha is how s-l-a (with an accent) i-n-t-e sounds in English. It is Gaelic for CHEERS! and you say it as a toast.

Is it a health-risk to eat burnt toast?

Yes, eating burnt toast among other burnt or charred foods do present a minor health hazard, at the very least it can cause a mild case of heartburn, but there are studies trying to link burnt toast with stunting fetal development and cancer.

What does 'slainte' mean in a definition?

Translating as "health", this is an Irish/Scottish drinking toast.

What do you say to toast someone at their birthday?

Wish them health, happiness, and a long life.