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yes we can trade team but first you need 2 ds then go to the menu then click trade it will be written trade team and trade items then select trade team then they will connect the ds after sometime it will happen then to battle them you have to go to the dojo

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Q: How do you trade team from Pokemon explorers of darkness to explorers of time?
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How can you get shaymin on your team on Pokemon rescue team explorers of darkness?

the tower

Can regice join your team on Pokemon explorers or darkness?


Are Pokemon Blue Rescue Team and Pokemon explorers of darkness compatible?


Can you get Lucario on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of darkness because if you can how?

Yes. If you have both time and darkness(which I do) or you know someone with time, you scroll down the menu to trade team. once you and your partner have done that, just trade Pokemon, and maybe even get Pokemon you can't get in darkness, including lucario

Can wonder mail from Pokemon Red rescue team be given to Pokemon explorers of darkness?


How do you get Arceus on your team in Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time and Pokemon explorers of Darkness?

I am sorry but you can't get Arceus

What is the action repaly code for all Pokemon to be on your team on Pokemon explorers of darkness?


Where do you get Palkia on your team on Pokemon explorers of darkness?

yes, but he has to do it willingly What does that mean? Not WHY would he do it. But WHERE is he?

How do you get Grintina on your team in Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time and Pokemon explorers of Darkness?

You need a wonder mail code

Is there a code on Pokemon explorers of darkness so any Pokemon you want is at ciimeco assemblelly your team?

No there is no code for that

How do you trade Pokemon from mystery dungeon explorers of time to Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of darkness?

you can't, you can only trade items. Edit: You can also Trade Teams, though i do not know what that does. Edit: Trade Teams opens the Explorer Maze challenge in Marowak Dojo where you fight the exploration team that you traded over into your game.

How do you get Arceus on pokemon explorers of time?

Arceus is not in Explorers of Time or Explorers of Darkness. There is an Arceus statue in Explorers of Sky, but there is no real Arceus that will join your team.