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Finish the game and then Jirachi will appear in your house then make sure that the language of Pokemon RUBY/SAPHIRE is like in pkmn channel AND make sure that the pkm n xanel you have is the EUROPEAN becausejirachi can only be transfered by the European version to American/Japanese/European version.

ExtensionYou also need a gamecube to gameboy advance cable. In Pokemon ruby/sapphire you need to have trashed the elite four and the champion and then you need to have saved in a Pokemon centre last.

Connect the GBA to the gamecube and then turn both devices on (don't do anything else on the GBA). Wait until the main menu for Pokemon channel comes up, go into options and then jirachi should be an option. Pressing this button gives a brief explanation on what you should do (the jirachi button won't appear until you beat the game).

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Q: How do you transfer Jirachi from Pokemon Channel to Ruby or Sapphire?
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Where is jirachi in Pokemon sapphire?

jirachi is not in sapphire

How do you get the jirachi in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You have to get it trough an event or transfer it from ruby or sapphire.

Where to get jirachi in Pokemon?

Umm....Gameshark Cheats,and trading. If its on Ruby and Sapphire,its on the Pokemon colloseum and Pokemon channel

How do you catch jirachi on Sapphire without using an acrion replay?

you can get jirachi on Pokemon Channel a GameCube Game at the end of the game you'll get jirachi

How do you get jirachi in Pokemon sapphire without cheats?

Pokemon Channel, Pokemon Colosseum Bonus Disk, or Nintendo event.

Where is jirachi pokem on diamond?

You can't get Jirachi on Diamond or Pearl you either have had to go to an event for Ruby or Sapphire or your gonna need to get Pokemon Channel.

Can you catch Jirachi in Pokemon Crystal?

No. Jirachi was only introduced in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.

Is there a jirachi in Pokemon sapphire?


How do you get Jirachi in Pokemon Pearl?

You can't. You can only get jirachi in ruby and sapphire. You would have to trade from ruby or sapphire.

How do you get Jirachi on Pokemon Colosseum?

You'll need to receive Jirachi from the Bonus Disc to Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald, then connect the Gameboy Advance to the Gamecube with Pokemon Colosseum playing. You can transfer Jirachi from one of the Hoenn games to Pokemon Colosseum using the link cable.

How do you get jirachi in Pokemon diamond without event?

go to a event for the ruby sapphire and emerald event. then transfer to game.

How do you get jirachi on diamond?

sorry to disapoint you but there is no way you have to migrate it from your gba game i think on emerald Sapphire or ruby you can get it on Pokemon coloseum and Pokemon channel

How do you get jirachi on route 111 where the water is?

You cannot get Jirachi on Route 111 where the water is or anywhere in the game. To get Jirachi you need to transfer it to Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire from the Pokémon Colosseum Bonus Disc.

Where do you catch jirachi in Pokemon emerald?

If you have the Pokemon Colosseum Bonus Disc for the Gamecube and Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire (and a special cable), you can download Jirachi onto one of those games and trade it to Emerald. I also hear you can get Jirachi on Pokemon Channel and send it to your games. Other than that, you have to cheat. :(

Where do you catch Jirachi in Pokemon?

You need to get the Pokemon Colleseum disk. Jirachi can be traded from Pokemon Channel.

How to get jirachi in Pokemon Sapphire?

Jirachi is an event Pokemon, so it has to be received by a Nintendo event. Or you can hack (Best not to).

How do you get jirachi on Pokemon channel?

you can only get jirachi on Pokemon channel by an Nintendo event but you cant do it now so you will have to get a Pokemon collsseum bonus disc

Where to catch jirachi in Pokemon sapphire?

Jirachi is a legendary Steel and Psychic type Pokemon. It does not occur naturally in Pokemon Sapphire, and can only be obtained through official Nintendo events.

Where can you find a jurachi in Pokemon Diamond?

The only way to get Jirachi in Diamond Version is to import it through the Pal Park from either Ruby or Sapphire Version. In either Ruby or Sapphire, though, the only way to get Jirachi in the first place is to play either Pokemon Channel or Pokemon Colosseum and import it from there.

How do you catch a jirachi on Pokemon sapphire?

Jirachi is only available to people who reserved a copy when Sapphire first came out. They would get a bonus disk, which contained Jirachi. It was meant for you to transfer him to your GBA. Unless you reserved a copy in 2003, or know someone who did, I'm afraid your outta luck.

How do you catch jirachi in Pokemon Silver?

You can't get Jirachi in Pokemon Silver, because it is before Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.

How do you get jirachi in Pokemon colleseum?

trade from ruby/Sapphire/emerald/firered/leafgreen. you can get them in these game bay special event, collosium bonus disc, or in Pokemon channel.

Where is Jirachi on Pokemon Sapphire?

I think you have to use a cheat to get it.

How do you get jirachi without Nintendo event?

If you have the game "Pokemon Channel" for Nintendo GameCube/Wii, you can unlock Jirachi after completing the game. Then, you can use a cable to link your GameBoy Advance to the GameCube/Wii and transfer it to Ruby or Sapphire.Note that you must have beaten the Elite Four and the champion to transfer Jirachi to your game!I KNOW THIS ISN'T WHAT YOUR ASKING BUT THERE IS A JIRACHI EVENT GOING ON RITE NOW AT GAMESTOP! hURRY HURRY! IT ENDS ON MARCH 13TH 2010

How do you find jirachi on Pokemon Sapphire?

inside the metor false