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Ogham is an alphabet, not a language.

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Q: How do you translate forever into ogham?
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How do you translate peace into Ogham?

Peace can be translated into Ogham as "athchomarc."

How do you translate faith in ogham?

Ogham is an alphabet not a language.

How do you translate the name Erin into Ogham Script?

In order to translate a name into Ogham Script, you must first obtain a copy of the Ogham alphabet. After this, translate the individual letters in the name "Erin".

What is Thomas in ogham writing?

Ogham writing is an alphabet. First, obtain a copy of the English to Ogham translation. From there, it is easy to translate "Thomas" into Ogham script.

How do you translate Youth into Ogham?

Ogham is an script not a language. If you want to write it in ogham the alphabet is a available on wikipedia but since there is no Y in Irish you would need to translate it into Irish first - óige. remember ogham runs from bottom to top

How do you translate believe into Ogham?

Ogham can't be used to write those kinds of words.

How do you translate the name Layla to Ogham script?

Layla Either translate it into gealic or use it straight. Then use a straight substitution with the ogham letters. (see first link under related links) Go to my website The Oghamzone. Look for Create Your Name In Ogham on the Menu bar. Here you can drag and drop Ogham letters onto the Ogham Pendant to create your word. - See second link under related links for the link to the page on The Oghamzone website.

How do you translate hope into ogham?

Ogham is an ancient Celtic script that does not have a direct translation for the concept of "hope." However, you can represent the letters that make up the word "hope" in English using the Ogham script. The letters H, O, P, and E would correspond to the following Ogham characters: Huath, Onn, Peith, and Eadha.

How do you translate Amanda into Ogham?

Ogham is a written language, so you cant say Amanda, but you can write it. Ogham is a series of lines and symbols so I can't draw it out. But the names of the letters are A: Ailm, M: Muin, A: Ailm, N: Nion, D: Dair, A: Ailm. If you want the words translated in to symbols go to and scroll down a bit. It has the letters and the symbol translation.

What is the french translation for Translate for forever?

to translate for: 'traduire pour' forever: 'toujours'

How do you say I love you in Ogham?

You can't say I love you in ogham. But you can write it. Ogham isn't as much a spoken language as it is a written one. But it isn't really a written one either. It's more of an oral. Ogham consists of lines and symbols. I am unable to draw out the symbols but I can tell you the names of them. I love you would be translated into Iodhadh Luis Onn _____ Eadha _____ Onn U'r. The two _____ are blanks. The Ogham alphabet does not consist of the letters V and Y. If you would like to see these letter names translated into Ogham symbols, go to http:/ I hope this was of help.

How do you translate dance forever into Latin?

Semper Salta