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Alexandrians = אלקסנדריאנס

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Q: How do you transliterate in Hebrew name - Alexandrians?
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What is the Hebrew name for Derek?

You would simply transliterate the name: Derek - דרק.

How do you transliterate in Hebrew name - alexandrinsky?

Alexandrinsky = אלקסנדרינסקי

How do you transliterate the name 'Josh' or 'Joshua' in Hebrew?


What is the translation of Claudia in Hebrew?

Claudia is a name that comes from Latin, not Hebrew and there is no equivalent name for Claudia in Hebrew. If you simply want to transliterate Claudia into Hebrew it would be: Klaudiyya (קלאודיה).

What does corina translate to in Hebrew?

It doesn't. Corina Is a Greek name, Κοριννα (Korinna), which was derived from κορη (kore) and means "maiden". There is no Hebrew name that means "maiden". You could transliterate the name as Korina (קורינה) but that name does not mean anything in Hebrew.

What does Israel transliterate into?

The correct transliteration of the Hebrew word is 'Yisroel'. Israel is the anglicised version of the Hebrew.

Where you can find link for Hebrew transcription?

There are many links for Hebrew translation. Google translate will also transliterate the Hebrew word using English pronunciation.

How do you transliterate the names Piper and Ireland into Hebrew?

Piper = פאיפר Ireland = אירלנד

What Hebrew words begin with the letter A?

The Hebrew language uses a different alphabet, and there is no "A" in it. But if you mean Hebrew words that transliterate into words beginning with A, there are thousands, including:abbaAdonaiafikomanaggadaahavaakavalamaranaAraviasafataravayalaz

Where can I find a transliteration program to transliterate Hebrew to English?

no such program is currently available.

What does Jennifer mean in German?

It doesn't mean anything, it's just a name.

How do you transliterate teacher of the Torah?

In Hebrew, it is: (a male teacher) = moreh ha-Torah (a female teacher) = morat ha-Torah