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If a guinea pig has a cold and is showing symptoms such as blocked nose, sneezing, shivering etc. it could be due to many illnesses. It is most likely the common cold that guinea pigs can pick up just as easily as humans, as they are highly susceptible to sickness. If symptoms persist take your guinea pig to the vet, they will give you medication :)

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Q: How do you treat a Guinea pig with cold?
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Is a guinea pig cold transferable to humans?

No, a guinea pig's cold is not transferable to humans.

What can you do for a guinea pig that has a cold?

Guniea pigs can get cold i took it to a vet and they said it is common for a guinea pig to get a cold and they recommended a anitbiotic specifically made for guinea pigs- which helped my guinea pig

Can you feed your guinea pig kale?

yes.kale is a good treat for your guinea pig.

How do you treat a guinea pig cold?

Bring it in to sleep inside if it's actually cold outside, go to the vet as they can give u medication.

What do you do when a guinea pig is cold?

If your guinea pig is cold, you will want to cover it up. Keep it warm and do not bring your guinea pig outside when it is cold. Guinea pigs can get sick very easily, so if any sickness get to it, it is bad. Hope this helps!

Can a guinea pig get too cold and die?

YES, during cold months a guinea pig can freeze to death at night.

Can a guinea pig catch humans colds?

Yes, the guinea pig can catch the common cold.

Is a guinea pig cold blooded?

Only Killer Guinea Pigs are cold blooded.

Can you take a Guinea Pig out side in a blanket in the Winter in Georgia?

It depends how cold it is. If you can go outside in a short sleeve shirt and not be cold, it is probably OK for your guinea pig. If it's very cold though, don't take the guinea pig out...even in a blanket!

What is the best trick to teach a guinea pig?

A really good trick to teach your guinea pig is how to go around in a circle for a treat. To teach them at first you should pick a type of food or treat that your guinea pig likes that you think they will be willing to do a trick for. At first you'll have to take the treat and hold it and make sure you have the guinea pigs attention and then start by moving the treat around the guinea pig so that it can follow the treat in a circle ,after they make a circle reward them with the treat so that they know they will be rewarded after they do that , keep doing that every once in a while so then after a while all you'll have to do is make a circle with the treat in the air, and they will know to turn to earn the treat offered.

How do you treat a broken foot?

My guinea pig had broke her foot of a swing toy (that was small).What you do is leave your guinea pig in it's cage for about a week.Do not take your guinea pig out when it is healing.

What should you feed your guinea pig?

Guinea pig food is the best option if in doubt. Also add fresh greens as a treat.

How do you carry out a specific learning behavior in a guinea pig?

Train your guinea pig every day, and when it does something right, feed it a treat.

My guinea pig do not feel good?

my guinea pig do not feel good i left the window open and i was cold in my home

What to do when your guinea pig has diarrea?

If your guinea pig had diarrea once, then check what it has been eating. maby he/she eat some fruits that a guinea pig can not eat. If you can't find out why this has happend, the best thing to do is to take your guinea pig to the vet. Our vet will tell you why this is happening and treat it.

How can you have fun with your guinea pig?

You can take your guinea pig outside they love that. Just make sure you don't let them eat any exotic plants. They can nibble on grass though. You can also lay on your back on the ground and put a treat on your stomach and see if your guinea pig crawls on you to get it. Another game is to put three plastic Easter eggs in front of your guinea pig. Put a treat in one of the eggs and see if your guinea pig can guess which one has the treat in it. Be creative there is tons of thing you can do.

Can you treat a guinea pig with scurvy?

If your guinea pig has an illness, it's not likely to be scurvy. Scurvy results from lack of Vitamin C. A normal guinea pig diet includes plenty of foods with Vitamin C. Check with your vet to see what really ails your guinea pig.

How much watermelon should a guinea pig eat?

Too much watermelon is bad for a guinea pig. It's best saved as a treat.

How cold does the water have to be when your bathing your guinea pig?

Lukewarm. Not too warm, but not cold. ex: Bathing a guinea pig in the same temp as you bathe a dog is too hot.

Your guinea pig still has a cold and after you gave him autibiotics?

my guinea pig has the cold plese help he is amercain and so special to me its hard to say so please help!

How do you keep a guinea pig warm?

During cold winter nights, it is best to keep your guinea pig inside, and any other time when you believe it is too cold

What is the ideal guinea pig diet?

I feed my guinea pigs normal guinea pig food from the pet store, but for a little variety i give them letups, carrots and apples for a treat.

Why is my guinea pig shivering?

Your guinea pig may be cold. Warm him up with a blanket, or take him to the vet. He may have a fever.

Are carrot tops fine for guinea pigs to eat?

yes! they are a great treat for your guinea pig!

How do you treat the flu for guinea pigs?

Take your guinea pig to the vet if something seems wrong...