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The first thing you need to do is try to identify what kind of worms your dog has. Once you've done this, go to your local pet store and ask for worming medication specific to the worms you are trying to treat. It would be easiest to take a stool sample to your local vets office and have them identify and prescribe the appropriate medication. All you need is the stool sample and the weight of your pet. Hope this helps.

2nd Answer: If your dog has intestinal worms you can give him a herbal formula called Inulin PK.

3rd answer if you can not physically see them in the dogs faeces but it shows symptoms of worms or are just worried, take it to a vet then let them figure out what's best for your dogs. If you give your dog a heart worm tablet when they have heart worm it can be very lethal and most likely will kill the dog so if you are concerned take him to a vet and they will test and see what's wrong

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Q: How do you treat a dog with worms?
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Related questions

Can you treat a nursing or pregnant dog for worms?

can you treat a nursing for worms

What kind of worms are round and yellow and can be seen in a dogs stool?

Roundworm If it is your dog you need to treat it for worms.

Using ivomec for treating dog with heartworms?

if your dog has heart worms ivomec will kill all the worms, the worms will clog up the heart valves and kill the dog. Go to your vet for treatment, heart worms are difficult to treat and must be done over a period of time

What can you give a dog with an expanded stomach?

Usually this means they have worms take to the vet and have a test done if there are worms they will treat it with medicine and if no worms the vet will tell you whats wrong.

What reason would a dogs stomach get big and hard?

There could be several reasons a dog's stomach would get big and hard. One common reason could be the dog has worms. Treat the dog for worms and if that is not the issue seek medical attention for the animals.

Can dogs get worms from cats?

They certainly can. If you know that your cat has worms, you need to treat the cat and the dog, as well as the humans in the household. Some worms, like tapeworm, are easily transmissible across different species.

Does garlic treat a dog with worms?

I am pretty sure it does not. However, garlic is very bad for dogs so don't try it. I think that you should take your pet to a vet and have a professional recommend a treatment for the worms right away, for worms in a dog or almost any animal can be fatal.

How can you treat worms?

In humans you can treat worms by de-worming tablets from your pharmacy. Easy as.

What will worms do to a dog?

Worms will make a dog skinny and unhealthy as worms absorb nutrients.

Can a dog give another dog worms?

Yes. If dog A is infected with worms and Dog B somehow comes in contact with dogs A feces, dog B can become infected with worms.

Can people contract worms from cats or dogs?

Humans can catch worms from the family dog or cat so it is important to teach your children to wash their hands before eating. Equally important is to regularly treat your pets for worms.

How will you make your dog stop scooting across the floor?

Drain their anal glands {sacs}, and that should solve the problem. If not, I would treat him/her for worms.

Can you get worms by touching a dog that has worms?

You can get them by letting the dog kiss you in the face.

Are there brown dog worms?

No, there is no such internal parasite in a dog called a Brown worm. Round worms look like spaghetti & tapeworms look like little grains of rice & then you have other parasites that are too tiny to be seen with your naked eye such as whip worms, hook worms, etc. Best thing to do is to bring a small sample of your dog's feces to your Veterinarian & it will be tested to see what types of parasites your dog may have. You must know so your Veterinarian can treat your dog with the proper medication or at least let you know what type to purchase.

What are white and round worms coming out of your dog?

the dog is very sick. either heart worms or ring worms. u must get the dog to a vet ASAP.

Do carrots help de worm a puppy?

Nothing de-worms a puppy except dewormer you can purchase from a pet store or better yet your vet. Your vet can let you know what kind of worms your dog has to treat it appropritely.

If a cat has worms and a dog eats their poop will the dog get worms?

It's possible.

What kind of worm is white and flat and is coming out a dog's butt?

I believe it's called a tape worm. You need to get the dog to a vet. They will treat him for worms and probably give you something to give to the dog at home. It is possible for animals to die of worms if not treated. yes its a tapeworm, you can treat it with the wormers you find at your local supermarket just make sure you adjust the dose for the wieght of the dog ..the dosage isnt universal I do believe that would be a tapeworm (tapeworm segments to be exact). In any case, you should bring the dog to a veterinarian. There the dog can be tested for any other intestinal worms it may have that cannot be physically seen, and it can be treated for any and all worms with a quality dewormer on a specific schedule over a period of time. I have never heard of dewormers being available at the local supermarket, but even if they are there you shouldn't trust them.

How do you treat worms in a puppy?

you treat worms in puppies by getting them vacenated at the vets . And every month worm them also at the vets

What things does a dog eat in order to catch stomach worms?

Feces from another dog or animal that has had worms. Usually for an outdoor animal. My Dad was raised knowing that a dog catches stomach worms by walking on the ground. The worms then enter their skin and eventually the dog starts coughing and when it does it coughs up the original worms and then swollows them. Therefore the worms enter the stomachs. Dogs typically gain worms from eating other dog's crap. This is especially true if the other dog who produced the fecal matter had worms. Dogs can also catch stomach worms by being in the same lot as another dog who has worms or in a lot that contained a dog who once had stomach worms. Worms can enter a dog via the mouth, anus, cuts, and other surfaces. Worms can live in the ground for 10 years or more. Therefore, it is important to move a dog lot far away from the original location before placing another dog in the fence lot. There is no way to get rid of worms out of the ground. Some people believe placing bleach or other cleaners or lime will get rid of them, but it doesn't.

If dog food has meal worms can it make a dog sick?

The worms are not dangerous, but they will make your dog throw up.

What does a picvture of worms in dog poop look like?

Those are called tape worms. If Your dog has tape worms, Take it to the vet.

What to do if your dog has worms?

You should take it to a vet. They will give it a dewormer and be able to get rid of the worms. Preventatives can been taken so that a dog doesn't get worms.

What can dogs eat when they have worms?

If a dog has worms, take him/her to the vet. Then ask your dog's doctor.

Can your dog get heart worms from other dogs?

Yes, but in a round about way. The way your dog might get heart worms from another dog is if the dog with heart worms is bitten by a mosquito which then bites your dog. The virus is spread by mosquitoes and not the dog itself. The article link below has more info on heart worms in dogs.